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Everything That You Wanted To Know About Dee Dee:

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Everything That You Wanted To Know About Dee Dee:

This article is about Dee Dee, who is a character that appeared in series such as Dexter's Laboratory created by Genndy Tartakovsky, and in an anime themed music video called Dee Dee and Dexter which is produced by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo.

Dee Dee comes from an unnamed family which means that her last name is unknown. She has large circular eyes with large blue pupils which are similar style to some of Jay Ward and Bill Scott's cartoons, and of course the pupil style of Chuck Jones's character designs which of course clash with Dr. Seuss's (Ted Giesel) eye type of his character designs. She also has blonde hair that she has down when dressed in pajamas and is up in two "pony tails" or "pig tails" or "dog ears" or whatever you want to call them. She dresses as a ballet dancer and wears pink clothing. She has very large feet and long legs but a small body which results in her wearing tiny dresses.

She first appeared in "Dexter's Rude Removal", which is an intentional unaired episode about two Dee Dees, a Dee Dee with the positive side of her personality, and a Dee Dee with a dark and profane side of her personality. This type of splitting is seen in other series such as "The Secret World Of Alex Mack".

And of course, she is the sister of Dexter, a young boy with red hair and large thick glasses who is very intelligent and has the capability of constructing an enormous laboratory between and below the walls of the house he lives in. It can be reached by usually entering behind a bookcase. She has gained access to his lab and all of his passwords. Despite all the warning signs on his bedroom door, she still goes into Dexter's bedroom and enters the lab and enjoys playing with all the lab equipment. She appears to destroy things on purpose because she possesses the knowledge of getting into the lab even when Dexter is denied access to it, but still says "What does THIS button do?". Dexter thinks she is unintelligent and calls her "my stooopid seester Dee Dee".

Dee Dee's rival, Susan (Mandark) has a crush on Dee Dee. He also has a sister named Lalavava Olga Astronomonov that is similar to Dee Dee but with a slightly different personality. Also, Dee Dee is similarly sized as Mandark, and Lalavava is similar size to Dexter. Dee Dee and Lalavava at first are rivals in a ballet competition and end up using their brothers' technology to gain an advantage. However, it was an equal advantage compared to each other which only resulted in tearing apart the stage. The discover that they both hate science and have brothers that have secret labs and become friends. The feel that their brothers are "answering questions that nobody is asking".

Dee Dee's other friends are Lee Lee and Mee Mee. Lee Lee is an Oriental girl with black hair which she wears down. Mee Mee is an African American with her hair styled similar to Dee Dee's. They all end up with the same noses, but later on in the series, Mee Mee is drawn with a larger nose and Lee Lee is drawn with a smaller pointy nose. In the cartoons they perform synchronized swimming together and in computer games they are traveling in Outer Space.

She also has an immaginary friend called Koos-A-La-Goop-A-Goop, which appears in Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. He is sometimes invisible to some people, while people like Dee Dee are sometimes invisible to other immaginary friends. This is not cannon to "Foster's Home For Immaginary Friends", but it could have been an inspiration for Genndy Tartakovsky's coworker Craig McCracken. Koos-A-La-Goop-A-Goop eventually got his own series of cartoon shorts along with others such as "The Justice Friends", but they did not work on the project very much. He is also visible to Dexter, who sometimes can't stand Koos-A-La-Goop-A-Goop. Since Dexter can see him, it is possible that Dee Dee's universe of immaginary creatures is similar to Dexter's Laboratory.

Dee Dee sounds like both her parents, has a similar personality and hair color to her father, and both herself and her mother both walk funny. Dee Dee walks with large squishy noises while her mother walks and stands and sits on her tip toes. Dee Dee is also popular in school. In addition to Ballet, she also is an athlete in other sports.

Dee Dee is voiced by Allison Moore in the first season and first production stage (with the yellow sign at the opening segments), and later by Kathryn "Kat" Cressida. Allison Moore returned during the 3rd production stage of Dexter's Laboratory, while Kat Cressida returned for the rest of the series.

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