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Reviewing Wings NBC:

This is an old article pending revision.

I don't like planes at all. And I also don't like the silly tiny airport that it is set in.

Despite the setting, the characters are extremely likeable and the show is very well written. I love the music and I also love that it is cannon with Cheers and Frasier.

The setting is in a tiny airport on Tom Nevers Field, Nantuckett. They have two tiny airlines and a diner. Roy owns the larger airline and has a larger staff, and Joe owns the smaller one with just one plane and one helichopper. Helen owns a diner and Lowell appears to be the only mechanic that not only works for both airlines but also assists Helen. Lowell is written out and gets replaced by another mechanic that disappears mid-season.

Alex is a helichopper pilot and Brian is a copilot and Casey is an architecture student that works at the diner. and Antonio is a cab driver. Fay sells tickets for Sandpiper Airlines. Sandpiper Airlines is Joe's (And to Joe's annoyance, Brian's) service, and Aeromass is the larger service that is owned by Roy. There is a larger staff with ticket counter associates, and pilots...but they are background characters. The rivals appear to be the ferryboats. Nantuckett is an overpriced place to live.

There are hilarious incidents such as Brian & Casey burning down Joe & Helen's house. The next year Joe & Helen burns down Brian & Casey's house. There is a guy named Carlton (William Hickey) that appears every year. He is an old man that asks tons of annoying questions and gets Joe & Brian into trouble. Sandy Cooper is Joe's ex (or crush) from High School, and she is a very successful person. She uses this disguise to hide her crush for Joe and she has a very calm and pleasant personality and as a result, everybody else doesn't mind being around her. ... except Joe. When she and Joe are alone together she acts completely insane. She sets up prom, wedding, honeymoon, "Joey Bear Junior", and even dates Brian.

Amy Yasbeck's real world husband at the time was John Ritter. John Ritter appeared in this show as Casey's ex-husband. It is hilarious how she gets revenge, until it backfires on her.

More interesting facts about NBC's Wings situation comedy is that Discovery aired around the same time a series also named "Wings" AND the logos are similar.

I like how Wings (NBC) has an enjoyable ensemble of characters and that is the most important fact of the show that makes it worth watching.

Some issues with the show:

The planes, but I already mentioned that.

Lowell leaving. I don't think they should have written him off as being sent away to the Witness Protection Program. Instead, they should have saved the episode where Lowell demands more money and nobody wants to give him a raise. So he looks for jobs in Boston and Antonio says no matter what, keep playing along until they give into your demands. Nobody does and he actually faces having to move. Since they did not use this episode to write him out of the show, I am not sure if he got the kids or if Bunny did. Either way it is very sad for the kids and it is sad for the entire TV Show plot. Lowell's replacement mechanic also suspiciously disappeared without ANY explanation. I have one: That guy probably was a CIA agent who leaked information and was hunted to death by The U.S. Government.

There is this DUMB Photograph! There is a photograph that was in the first season... I think the pilot episode. It is a photograph of The Hackett Brothers as children. This photograph seems to be the most important element of the show. It appeared once again when Brian and Casey burned down Joe and Helen's house. It seems like every time that The Hackett Brothers (or anybody else) have a fight where they are about stop speaking to each other and to go their seperate ways, this photograph shows up and magically patches things up like drugs. What a dumb photograph! Is this the ONLY photograph of their childhood?! Do not believe the photograph; It will NOT bring world peace.

A fourth issue. I taped it on Wings when it was on Nick at Nite. It was also on TV Land. I am not sure about how they messed with Wings on TV Land, but at least I remember that Nick at Nite cut into the end segment of the show with their usual STUPID things that they have to say. They do this to edit out the credits because "they aren't important", but later they cut out the beautiful sunset on water, and replaced the closing segment with credits on top of it. The original airing of shows of that time period and onward has this closing segment either airing

before the credits, and then having a scaled down ad playing during the credits, with the credits arranged in a column at the edge of the screen.

OR they scaled down the closing segment and put the credits at the edge of the screen.

The original episode is recorded somehow (filmed or taped or whatever) ... with the closing credits and the credits show up on top of the closing segment (similar to some episodes of Roseanne) but they are appear in the Lower Thirds.

So ... the point is that it is bad enough that a network announcer yaks and yaks and you can't hear the end theme music, It is even WORSE if the Nick at Nite guy yaks and yaks and yaks when the show ISN'T playing the end theme music. They network actually cut off scenes towards the end of the show  WHILE THE CHARACTERS WERE STILL TALKING and it is VERY annoying. This is not the show's fault. It is the networks. But I HAD to point out that I prefer watching the rest of the episode instead of "Stay Tuned for our next episode, but for now, enjoy seven seconds of our dancing logo!" ... um. How about watching the rest of the episode INSTEAD of some idiot dancing around in a Nick @ Nite costume?!

Reviewing this show, I no longer want to add it to my "DVD" Collection. I DESPIZZzZZzZzZzZE That Photograph, And the cheap sendoff of Lowell (and his replacement who also disappeared), to make me no longer want the complete series.

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