Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reviewing The Butter Cream Gang:

This is an old article pending revision.

This is one of Feature Films For Families original films.
I am sure that FFFF had nice intentions with this film, but they had terrible acting and the entire film doesn't make sense.

Basically, a small group of kids that swear (but isn't swearing "evil"?) to do good no matter what. but something kinda bad happened to one of them which disrupted the entire group. He didn't get sick &/or die which would have made MUCH more sense (but still be depressing to watch the film) ... but instead he moved away. and the new leader struggles to keep the group out of trouble. Apparently, the kid that moved away is getting into trouble himself.

This very basic plot made me give this movie a chance, despite the annoying "Butter Cream Gang" title, that I really doubt that Gangs ever would call themselves a "butter cream gang", or "buttercreamers", and that concept is as outdated as Dennis The Menace speaking for Dairy Queen. Also the video cover has this shivering image of three boys holding a fourth boy. and they are all smiling. Who smiles? That much?! ESPECIALLY when three guys are carrying another guy?!

so I watch the film and I notice the terrible acting and the dull and stereotypical family film plot (a rural setting?!) and then I think about this film a little more.

Why is it so bad to move to a big city?! Big cities are NOT the only source of evil. It seems to be worse in the "country"! It is quite worse than sweeping porches and Old Mother Hubbards  (I mean Widow Tweeds... not any neglectful dog owners) The country is even worse than Widow Tweeds fallng and being unable to get up.

The big city has many more opportunities for people. And there is NOTHING wrong with cities for this reason. and that reason is good enough. These rural slobs are just skeered of new things and ways of life. They are set in their ways. And butter is not very healthy. just stop churning it.

I am not going to be completely ignorant and say that the film's setting is in a town so backwards that it resembles the 1940s or whenever. ...because I am guessing that IS the time period of this film.

by the way this film doesn't have a satisfactory ending. It's like FFFF forgot to conclude the film, and they added it at the last minute.

This is a disasterous FFFF Film. Remember that FFFF is notorious for dubbing "foreign films" and anything that is even SLIGHTLY violent, they edit it and change the plot. With Lolo The Penguin, they turn it from a beautiful family film to a sappy preschool film with several deleted scenes. (but this was tradition with foreign films) Also, FFFF is well known for its telemarketing and movie clubs and just annoyingly being an annoying annoyance. and that annoys me.

And when FFFF attempts to make their own films, they are quite dumb. I don't recommend that you watch FFFF's The Butter Cream Gang. Instead, I recommend you watch Rigoletto.

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