Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reviewing Titanic:

This is an old article pending revision.

People everywhere must know that this is supposed to be a historical event that occurred in 1912, and NOT in 1997. Unfortunately many things in this film very much feel like the setting is 1997 instead of 1912! I guess the horrible 1990s (a time when silly pop concert music was everywhere, and short, thin bodies with heads of blonde hair and giantic --or Titanic? foreheads was considered attractive) is not time to make a movie about a historical event. I am not saying that this film needs to be more like a documentary, but just keep it more historically accurate!

There is no way that these 1990s stereotype actors could ever pull off acting as characters from a 1912 historical event. Very little historical accuracy, and the focus is on romance (almost similar to "The Diary Of Anne Frank", without the 'artitistic' Black & White filming) which is simply intent on making money whenever the focus is romance. Remember what makes a high quality production; The large budget is only part of a film or TV show. What is also important is the writing quality, and the acting, among other things (such as unnoticeable budget-trimming methods). When I watch a high budget film, I always think "do I have a broken video game console or something?!; this video game appears to be broken, and my remote control for the video game is not responding."

And I guess so: I guess I am not one of those people that loves the song that goes along with the film: "Neeh Fah Where evah yew ah", or whatever. which has NOTHING to do with any historical event.

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