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Josie and the Pussycats from Archie Comics and Hanna Barbera:

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Josie And The Pussycats is a group of several Archie Comics characters that form a band together. It describes their adventures while they are touring.

Several years later, it was adapted into animation by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The general "The Archie Show" was already produced by Filmation. The comic series was coincidentally rewritten to where it didn't look like it was loosely adapted from the comics. They still have another animated series made afterwards where they end up in space and try to make it back home, while comically escaping from space aliens.

The lead band member is Josie (perhaps a shorter version of Josephine) Jones McCoy. She has red hair and is quite sensible compared to the other band members. Her voice is provided by Janet Waldo. Janet Waldo is the voice of Penelope Pitstop in "Wacky Races" and "The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop", and most of the time she was Judy Jetson. She is also the voice actor for the Famous Classic Tales Cartoons. The performing voice is Cathy Dougher.

Mellody Valentine is has light blonde hair. Her name describes her regular voice and her personality. She constantly says things that are humorous. When they have space adventures, she finds a pet alien and names it Bleep. She is voiced by Jackie Joseph and is performed by Cheryl Ladd.

Valerie Brown is a new band member that replaces Pepper (and Alexander). She has brown hair. She is an expert problem solver whenever situations come up. She is voiced by Barbara Pariot and her musical performances were voiced by Patrice Halloway.

Alexander Cabot is the wealthy and aggressive eventual manager of The Pussycats. There were dates for the these girls that appeared. One of them was named Albert who was enemies with Alexander. When Alexander becomes the manager of The Pussycats, Albert, Soc, and one of the band members named Pepper all disappeared. Alexandra tries out for the band, but does not do well, and wants most of (or all) of the credit. She does not know that the position had been filled by Valerie. In the cartoon, his personality and appearance were both altered slightly to make him look more like Shaggy. They appeared together in a Josie And The Pussycats a crossover episode of "The Scooby-Doo Movies".

Alexandra Cabot is Alexander's twin sister who has black hair with a white stripe. She is not that talented and is unable to join the band and her jealously results in loathing Josie, the very talented band leader. She spends her time trying to sabotage Josie and the rest of the band, and tries to hit on Josie's boyfriends. This also doubles as added humor for the cartoon because she sounds completely different when trying to convince said men that she is not a jerk and pretends to have an even nicer personality than Josie.

Sebastian is an equally greedy cat and looks identical to Alexandra's hair.

Alan M. Mayberry is a new character that appears after Alexander becomes the manager. He does not disappear quickly (or slowly either) like the other characters. Even so, Alan is often much more helpful with the band compared to Alexander. He is the band's tour bus driver, and also becomes the boyfriend of Josie. Alan is always being tricked by Alexandra. Occasionally both Alan and Alexandra try to sabotage Alan and Josie at the same time. In the cartoon he is drawn to look almost like Fred from "Scooby-Doo".

In 2001 Josie and The Pussycats went into live action. Rachael Leigh Cook played Josie, Tara Reid as Melody, Rosario Dawson as Valerie, Paulo Costanzo as Alexander, M. Pyle as Alexandra, and Gabriel Mann as Alan M. Mayberry.

Theme Songs:

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and The Pussycats

Long tails and ears for hats


and sharps and flats



a groovy song

You're invited

come along.

Hurry, Hurry


you all in Persia

or maybe France

We could be in India

or perchance

be with us in Bangkok

makes no difference everywhere the action's at

we're involved with this or that.

Come along now.

Josie and The Pussy Cats

No time for purrs and pats

Won't run when they have to scat

This is where the plot begins

Come on and watch the good guys win.

Josie and the Pussycats

Josie and The Pussycats."



in outer space,

Pussycats are all in place

Blasting off on another chase



The milky way

When they're grooving who can say

Buckle up your seat belts.


could be in orbit

in the stars

On a spooky planet

maybe Mars

There's no way of knowing when they're groovin'

way above the atmosphere,

trying to get back to here.

They're blasting off now.

Josie's on a rocket ride

Pussycats all by her side

Bleep Bleep is the kooky guide

Come along and dig the chase

with The Pussycats in outer space

The Pussycats in outer space."

The original theme song was remade into a music video starring The Pussycats all performing in different genres of music.

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