Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reviewing Justice League:

This is an old article pending revision.

Justice League is all right, but it is nothing to write home about. And sometimes I am old fashioned, and this is one of those examples. I'd rather watch "Challenge Of The Super Friends" than "Justice League".

With Challenge Of The Super Friends, they did much better music than on Justice League.

The animation quailty? is actually the same. The animation for Justice League really isn't that good. Both the picture and the music have an obvious industrialized quality and I am not impressed.

There are only seven main characters, with more characters added on Justice League Unlimited. I got easily confused with Justice League Unlimited, while on Justice League... they had only seven characters and rarely did all seven appear on the same episode! It is like the stunt show "Sponk!" with four boys, four girls, but two of them not appearing. I don't like these rotations and they shouldn't have done that for Justice League.

The Challenge Of The Suerfriends brought in a lot more characters and also a lot of villians. The plots are all right and are action packed. I love the scene changes (or whatever they are called) where three stars, missiles, or whatever ... flash towards the screen.

Some of the stories of Justice League are very stupid. But there are several others that are great. The feel of Justice League is not Action Packed like The Challenge Of The Superfriends, but instead it has a darker feel similar to most versions of Batman shows. (and Batman appears to be a very important character in this show) Other characters are Jon Jones (I know that is not how to spell his name) and his super hero name is "The Martian Manhunter". His family and I think the rest of his civilization were killed. He kinda resembles a humanoid lizard but can shapeshift into more human-like. He is another "dark" character. Another Green Lantern, this time a tough, and often grouchy, African American adds to the other characters that are dark, mellow, and serious.

"The Flash" is the most comedic of the entire group. Superman is about average. So is Diana or "Wonder Woman". I still like the earlier Wonder Woman with the more powerful voice. Although they talked a lot more about her background (and on the other hand on SuperFriends she pretty much only says "Great Hera!", which the producers "got away with" because they can explain it as an alternative to "Great Scott!") If I could compare Justice League with Star Trek, the Justice League version of Wonder Woman is VERY similar to Deanna Troi. Also Wonder Woman in Justice League can fly. That is the best thing about her in this series because she should have always been able to fly.

Now there is HawkGirl, and I think she is the best in the character

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