Tuesday, May 20, 2014

.Reviewing 9:

This is an old article pending revision.

I finally found the Correct title of this movie. I have watched it before, twice, at two different people's houses...both told me that the movie is called "The Nines". And now...I get to review it. This film appears to be perfect or good enough, for people that aren't too critical of movies, are looking at something to stare at when they are bored...in fact some of these people might be the same type of people that would be entertained by simply staring at their TVs when they are turned off, drug addicts, those that love creepy movies, and any combination of the above, or all of the above.

This movie is certainly good enough for people that aren't critical, and like creepy movies. Additionally, this movie is certainly good enough for people on drugs!!

Let me explain.

This movie is in a very dark setting. The colors are quite dull. Also, the characters, sometimes called "Sack People" by other viewers...are all a dull greyscale color. It matches the setting that is in horror movies.

The "9" full length movie is also very slow paced. It is a film that would easily entertain people on drugs because of this. Everything happens in this movie so very slowly that only drug addicts would not get bored with this slow pace. And the character design, with their google-eey eyes simply looking like O_O in the entire film (I don't even remember the characters blinking!!) they simply have a blank look on their faces all the time...very much reminds me of drug addicts. And I am not sure why these two households would have this movie in their collection, but I know that they liked drugs.
I simply do not understand this movie at all and very much regret watching it.

I have recently found out that 9 was released in 9/9/09. And that it was based on a short film. The short film may have been an interesting project, but there simply is not nearly enough story line for a movie.

All I watched in the movie was a dark, dull, and depressing setting, a bunch of dazed and confused characters that appeared to be Dr. Frankenstien's Voodoo Dolls as they are all stitched together and 5 is missing an eye. Isn't there a character that literally stitches body parts together as well? Everything is slow paced. Every once in a while there is a random event that uses a lot of loud special effects.

I was wondering what these things were, until I read that they are rag doll creatures. apparently with no clothes on. Now that I know what they are, I really don't care.

Time to wrap up this review. 9 bores me. I regret watching it. But I am glad that I figured out the name of this movie that has become an afterthought in my mind for so many months.

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