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Chuck Jones:

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One of the best workers in animation was Chuck Jones, who has had many years in making cartoons. He started out earlier working at the original Warner Brothers studios, with Leon Schlesinger as the producer. He worked on many Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts, and eventually developed some of the characters into more like how they are known today.

He was first credited as Charles M. Jones, but later was credited as Chuck Jones. By the 1960s, he had used a signature for the credits, similar to Jim Henson and Hal Sutherland.

At the same time, he had developed even more of his style into his programs. The animation, color, picture, sound, and music were all very unique, and had inspired many other cartoons to have the same style. He started his own production companies, and began making other cartoons. One example is an adaptation of The Bear That Wasn't. The animation and backgrounds weren't only unique, but also abstract. The color red was seen everywhere in unusual forms, usually in arrows. The music was inspired by some kind of jazz music, and the "space age pop" music.

He took over the production of Tom And Jerry from Rembrandt Films. Tom's fur had gotten thicker, and Jerry's ears were bigger. They looked very similar to how they looked in the Cinemascope episodes with Lewis Marshall as an animation supervisor. Some of the stories were changed, and even expanded. The other original Hanna-Barbera supporting characters weren't around as much, but new ones were introduced. Several episodes involve a shark, and some feature Jerry's tiny, yet powerful bulldog. There were also robot assistants in cartoons set in the future, such as "Advance And Be Mechanized". Music was originally arranged by Eugene Poddany, but the music of Carl Brandt and Dean Elliott was featured in later episodes.

Some of his coworkers were Jim Pabian, Michael Maltese, Maurice Noble, Earl Jonas, Walter Bien, Les Goldmen, Abe Levitow, Ben Washam, Tom Ray, Eugene Poddany, Dean Elliott, and Carl Brandt.

Unfortunately, Chuck Jones didn't produce many TV shows. He made thirty-four Tom & Jerry cartoons, along with an edited TV Show that was similar to The Bugs Bunny And Tweety Show. He also made Dr. Seuss cartoons, but stopped shortly after a combination with DFE Films resulted in staff members from both studios, fewer cartoons were made, and some were even cancelled in mid-production. Chuck Jones also produced a mini-series called Stories From "The Jungle Books", which featured stories such as Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and The White Seal. He produced another holiday mini-series starring a cricket, a mouse, and a cat. He made several movies and specials starring the Looney Tunes characters, as well as several new episodes, such as Freeze Frame, and Duck Dodgers And The Return Of The 24 1/2 Century.

Jones died in 2002. He left behind a collection of cartoons and films made of mixed animation and live action. There is also a TV Show that airs his cartoons. Another newer show called Duck Dodgers is inspired by the cartoons that he made earlier.

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