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In 1996, Bill Cosby starred in another TV Show called "COSBY" which also starred Phylicia Rashad, and they both played the roles of Hilton Lucas and Ruth Lucas. Hilton had to retire early, and the series is based on the BBC series "One Foot In The Grave" which stars Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie, and is created by David Renwick. David Renwick and Bill Cosby are listed as creators in the CBS Series. David Renwick is also one of the writers for the series. It is produced by Marcy Carsey and Tom Warner. This show is well known for the opening where Bill Cosby is the only person moving and everything in the background is paused. It is produced by Bill Cosby (he has his own production title in the end credits) and Carsey-Werner.

It also stars Doug E. Doug as Griffin Vesey, and T'keyah Crystal Keymah as Erica Lucas, and Madeline Kahn as Pauline Fox. This series is different from The Cosby Show, and has a different setting and is more about the adventures of a family and their neighborhood. Ruth and Pauline run a Coffee Shop, and Pauline is hilarious, saying lines such as "They're showing Martha Stewart Again. This is her fourth show today. She's going to knit a chair." and when Hilton inherited a boat, she said "My Goodness! I knew they shouldn't have taken that lighthouse down on 36th street." Hilton Lucas often speaks directly to the television audience. The same characters from other CBS TV Shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond made guest appearances on COSBY.

Music was arranged by Benny Golson and Bill Cosby. It is based on the music style of Dean Elliott and other similar musicians. Music Supervisors are Don Bladen and Scott Schreer. This type of music is played between scenes while clips of the city, streets, and cars that matches the style of the music.

Some of the other production staff members are Jonathan Arkin, Heidi Addison, Adam Belanoff, Bill Berner, Beulah Jones Black, David Blum, Eric Brand, Tobi Britton, Anthony Caldwell, Courtney B. Conte, Micharl Doto, Chris Downey, Charleen Easton, Tyrone Finch, Brett Goldstein, Hiram Gonzalez Jr., Steve Greer, Artemisa Gutierrez, Donna Hamilton, Joanne Curley Kerner, Dennis Klein, Robert Kurtz, David Landsberg, Nick LeRose, Arthur B. Lewis, Caryn Mandabach, Karl Messerschmidt, Howard Meyers, Vanessa Middleton, Becky Mode, Frank Mula, Dalilah Rogow Nichols, Pat Nugent, Bernie Orenstein, J.J. Polsen, Tom Purcell, John Rogers, Tim Ryder, Chris Scardino, Don Scardino, Joseph Staretski, Norman Steinberg, Tom Straw, Peter Tortorici, Saul Turleltaus, Alexander White, Kandace Yvette Williams, and David Wyatt.

Madeline Kahn died of cancer in 1999 and an episode was dedicated to her. The show ended after 4 seasons around the same time that Bill Cosby was planning on retirement and also quit hosting Kids Say The Darndest Things, which is based of Art Linkletter'r House Party. (Art Linkletter himself had appeared a few times on Kids Say The Darndest Things and also produced the series) Madeline had put a lot into COSBY, as well as Bill Cosby and David Renwick.

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