Friday, May 30, 2014

Reviewing CatDog:

This is an old article pending revision.

CatDog is an interesting idea about two people with different personalities being stuck to each other. And they make it very obvious because one character is a dog and the other character is a cat, which are two very obvious personality clashes. While this is a neat idea, it isn't exactly original in any way at all (both in the premise of two clashing personalities being stuck to each other. usually this is seen in episodes of various situation comedies where people are handcuffed to each other. And also the character's personalities themselves aren't original either)

Both characters have a head and arms and are connected by the back. A creature like this CAN NOT exist. If so, it is extremely unlikely it would live very long. I still don't know why Dog hasn't eaten the cat half of himself. By doing so, he ends up fatally injuring himself as a result and ends up dieing also. And like I said before, They would probably not live that long to begin with. The anatomy of the creature would make it extremely stressful. Ever heard on the news (yes I know, it lies) of two headed farm animals? I watched one that was born and it was broadcasted on "The News" on a Friday and the cow with a head growing out of the side of its head did not survive the weekend. The whole thing died. I really doubt that a "CatDog" creature would be able to survive either, and if it did it would probably try to kill itself like Sheep in "Sheep In The Big City". (an individual sheep, not deformed at all, but constantly hunted down by several groups of people)

CatDog is ridiculed by other citizens and who wants to watch a show where somebody gets bullied all the time?!

And whether or not it is intentional, it is a rip off of another Nickelodeon show.

Everybody wonders about CatDog. How does CatDog go to the bathroom? I can answer this one. What one eats, the other one throws up. How can a Cat and Dog exist? You could say this is what could happen if a Cat and Dog mated... but I think that the end result would be a lap dog ankle biter fits-in-a-purse dog know... like when a Horse and Donkey mate and the offspring is a Mule. or something.

Actually, an obvious explanation is that CatDog is a costume worn by Ren and Stimpy. The costume is badly designed and there isn't enough air getting through to them and that caused Ren and Stimpy to switch personalities.

But seriously CatDog goes from being a kinda interesting idea about two clashing personalities (and the obvious clashing animals) being stuck to each other ... from being a rip off of Ren and Stimpy.

And have I mentioned that CatDog is completely disturbing?

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