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Camp Lazlo:

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Camp Lazlo was created by Joe Murray, the creator of "Rocko's Modern Life". Many of the production staff of Rocko's Modern Life worked together on "SpongeBob SquarePants" TV Series. It was created by Stephen Hillenburg, who was an animation director of Rocko's Modern Life. Now the same group of people have been working on another animated series, called "Camp Lazlo" whose title leads you to know the fact that the show centers around one of the characters. It aired on Cartoon Network, not Nickelodeon, which is where the other two series premiered. The color schemes of the show are warm colors, not necessarily earth toned, but is designed to purposely be able to feel of a summer camp environment. It is set in Prickley Pines where there are camp sites and a nearby town.

There are various animals that are drawn with identical designs of "Rocko's Modern Life" characters. One of the camp sites is called Camp Kidney, where there are Bean Scouts. Every term is bean themed. There are jelly beans, pinto beans, and the founder of all of this is called The Big Bean. The scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is Scoutmaster Lumpus, who is a moose and is very grumpy. He usually assigns Slinkman (a slug) to run much of the camp. Both are voiced by Tom Kenny. Camp Kidney is seriously run down and disorganized. Some of its staff members on the other hand are extremely efficient. Nurse Leslie is a nurse shark (not sure how that is possible for him to be above water) with different colored eyes. Nurse Leslie (Doug Lawrence) is not a stereotypical nurse character that has a voice so deep that the casting department decided to just have a male voice actor perform the voice for; this is a male character that is pink and named Leslie (Leslie can in fact be a male given name, but is usually shortened to "Les" which can be used for "Leslie" or "Lester"). Chef Heimlich McMuesli is a goat voiced by Carlos Alazraqui that cooks for Camp Kidney. Commander Hoo-Ha is in charge of the camps and is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Lazlo (Carlos Alazraqui) is a spider monkey. So is Jake Spidermonkey, which neither of them look alike or act alike. Not even close. Lazlo is drawn to where his mouth looks like a banana when he's grinning. He means well, and is unintentionally annoying to Lumpus. This is similar to when SpongeBob SquarePants is annoying to Squidward, although SpongeBob is aware of this and has admitted that he does this intentionally.

Clam (Carlos Alazraqui again) is a rhinoceros that says very little; he usually repeats parts of what other people are saying. Despite his apparent absent-mindedness, he is filled with many hidden talents.

Raj (Jeff Bennett) is an elephant that appears to have come from India. He has big teeth. He is very cautious compared to the other two jelly beans.

Samson (Jeff Bennett again) is a guinea pig (but he looks more like a hedgehog), and is very clumsy and filled with allergies. He has nasal spray, thick eyeglasses, special orthopedic shoes, inhalers, ointments, and other things. He loves to clean, but sometimes cleans too much. He is an overachiever and is extremely over prepared, which seems to be necessary because he appears to almost be drawn to bad luck. However, he is able to bypass security systems simply by sneezing and cleaning his glasses. He was not aware that the security system existed.

Edward (Doug Lawrence) is a grumpy duck-billed-platypus that despises the troublesome jelly beans as much as Lumpus. They share similar personalities regarding just about everything else. Both Edward and Lumpus have had family problems, which is a possible cause for their personalities. Samson is usually around and sometimes assists him with suspicious plans.

Dave and Ping Pong (Doug Lawrence ...again) are loons and they are supposed to be identical twins, but one is taller than the other-perhaps they are in the middle of different stages of growth spurts.

Chip and Skip are purple dung beetles that are voiced by Steve Little. It is hard for them to survive in sterile environments.

There are 4 green lemmings that look like lizards; their names are Larry, Leonard, Liniment, and Louie. They are voiced by Steve Little (again).

Acorn Flats:

Similar to "Camp Kidney" with its "Bean Scouts", "Acorn Flats" has "Squirrel Scouts". It Is much more efficient and well maintained contained to Camp Kidney. The Scoutmaster, Jane Doe, (played by Jodi Benson) keeps the camp looking beautiful and fancy. She appears to be free spirited and almost mindless, but inside is insecure and sometimes it is hard for her to keep smiling and maintain a cheerful appearance (somewhat similar to Sesame Street's Prairie Dawn). Ms. Mucus (Jill Talley) is very strict and makes sure that the Squirrel Scouts are in shape. She despises Camp Kidney and occasionally tries to have it shut down. Because of her frequent appearances, especially appearances by herself, and the fact that she is extremely authoritative can create some confusion to some of the viewers to think that she is the scoutmaster. The only clues that aren't misleading is the fact that she stays in her camper and not in the office. Her place is filled with confiscated toys. There are other staff members of Acorn Flats, but they appear to be unnamed.

Patsy is a pink haired mongoose that is voiced by Jodi Benson. She is similar to Lazlo.

Nina is a giraffe that is voiced by Jill Talley. She is similar to Raj.

Gretchen is an alligator that is voiced by Jill Talley. She is similar to Clam and has matching personalities with Ms. Rubella Mucus.

Almondine is an owl that is similar to Samson. She is voiced by Jodi Benson.

Some of the staff members that have worked on SpongeBob SquarePants and previously on Rocko's Modern Life are Kaz, Mark O'Hare, Merriwether Williams, Brian A. Miller, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne, and Derek Drymon. Russell Calabrese is also a staff member, who also is well known as being one of the members of the team of directors of Johnny Bravo (excluding the first season and specials).

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