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What Happened To Joyce Dewitt??:

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Joyce Dewitt was born on April 23, 1949 and in West Virginia, and also grew up in Indiana. Later on she had obtained several degrees, and became a painter for Abe Vigota.

In 1977, she starred in a situation comedy called Three's Company, and was one of the only cast members to appear in every episode throughout the series. Her character was Janet Wood, who told one of the landlords that Jack Tripper (portrayed by John Ritter) was gay as a solution to find a way for him to live there. The landlords were Stanley Roper, who was very cruel to Jack, and Helen Roper, who figured out the truth. The landlords moved, and new landlords were informed of the same story by Stanley. They were Bart Furley, who owned several buildings, and hired his brother Ralph to supervise one of the apartment complexes. Ralph was not like Stanley, who rarely picked on him, and instead made several attempts to "cure" Jack. He wasn't informed of the truth until much later because Bart would not let Jack live with women that he wasn't related to.

Joyce Dewitt went through several hair styles during the run of Three's Company. It started out straight, and then became curly by the second season. Her hair later grew out and became more volumized. Her hair was straightened and thinned by the fourth season. She had shortened her hair tremendously during the arrival of the character of Cindy Snow, and grew it out to about the same length that she had during the filming of the opening of the 4th and 5th season openings. She shortened her hair once again during the sixth season. Her hair had grown even longer afterwards, which remained that way for many years, including a recent appearance on the now retired talk show "Sally" hosted by Sally Jessy Raphael. Her hair is now closer to a medium length.

Janet Wood started out intended to be sensible compared to her blonde roommates. As the series progressed, Janet's character became more high strung and and sometimes hyperactive. She often gets angry and pounces on other people, usually Jack, who has to remind her of her blood pressure. She has also thrown him through a closed door.

If somebody that had become so popular on a TV series, why did she stop making regular appearances, and where did she go after that? It turns out that there were several problems that had occured with the production staff of Three's Company, beginning with Suzanne Somers. Several occurances have made her not want to star in anything else.

She has made several Theatre appearances, and hosted and produced Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story Of Three's Company, and has been working with people like Jeff Bridges, Valerie Harper and Dennis Weaver to end problems with homelessness, hunger, and environmental issues. According to her official website, she really enjoys getting to help out and that she has been most grateful for the privilege. She has also appeared on several talk shows.

Joyceful Living:

Joyce Dewitt has been working on developing her own company called Joyceful Living, which was planned on opening in 2007.

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