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Everything That You Wanted To Know About Dexter:

This is an old article pending revision.

This article is going to be about a young boy named Dexter. With that being said, that means that this article is not going to be about a television series called "Dexter" which is about a guy that uses terrifying methods of torture on criminals. Sorry to disappoint you, but anything that has an "Everything That You Wanted To Know About" headline is about a character. (even if Dexter is also a character in "Dexter", but it is also the title of the series itself).

So this Dexter is a character in "Dexter's Laboratory" television series that is created by Genndy Tartakovsky and in "Dee Dee and Dexter" music video which is anime themed and produced by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo.

Dexter wears large thick glasses. The reason that this is interesting is because they have the ability to have a different shape depending on his facial expressions. This is also the same with other characters that wear glasses, such as Susan (Mandark) and Dexter's own father. Any emotion that is similar to irritability means that the glasses are in a semi-circle with the flat edges on top. Otherwise the glasses are quite round.

He also has curly red hair. He gets the red hair from his mother, but his mother's hair is not curly. He is very short and is almost a giant head with arms and legs. It is suggested that he is so short that he does not even have any knees!! ...or at least that his knees are unusable. Actually, the way that he walks suggests that his legs are just made up of toes, feet, and ankles. He also usually does not wear any pants. He wears a lab coat which resembles a shirt, and shoes which resemble boots.

Dexter has been diagnosed as Clinically Genius, which is unrecognized by his parents who are totally oblivious to his laboratory that is surrounding their house. They occasionally figure it out, or Dexter himself tells them, but in the end of the episode he must wipe their memories of his lab. At the same time, Dexter's lab pet, Monkey, does the same thing to Dexter who does not know that Monkey is a super hero.

Dexter often stays late after school in any available science lab to do research and to finish a project, to the extreme annoyance to Johnny the Janitor. Dexter also has various teachers, counselors, and principals as well as cafeteria ladies. His know-it-all personality clashes with most of the other students and one of his worst fears is public humiliation which usually happens anyways.

His rival is Susan (Mandark) Astronomonov, who has an organic-based lab behind his parents house who are more clueless than Dexter's parents. He can be described as a mad scientist. He has a pet duck that is a rival to Monkey. He also has a sister named Lalavava who is similar size of Dexter. She was competing with Dee Dee but now they are friends. One of Dexter's friends is Douglas E. Mordecai. He is usually just called Mordecai, and sometimes his middle initial is "A.", and his first name is sometimes Chester.

Dexter has numerous computers and robots. One of them is the main computer, called the Quadraplex T-3000. Another is Computrix, which was featured in "Dexter and Computrix get Mandark". He has not been around since then, probably because Dexter kept saying "You are Stoo-pid. You are Stoo-pid. And Don't forget: You are Stoo-pid!!" Dexter's traveling robot, which does not appear to speak, and is used merely as a vehicle and as a weapon against Mandark and even more powerful enemies, is called the Robo Dexo 2000. This robot looks almost like Dexter if he was in a robot suit. He once attempts to replace the robot with Robo Dexo 3000, which does not look like Dexter, and the robot does talk and decides that he is better than Dexter. Many robots are used simply as armor and have the ability to transform into other types of vehicles, but there are other robots that are more humanoid and some of them leave to go on tours. Dexter asks them back and says they don't have to perform 24 hours of constant work, but 12 hours of work that is twice as hard.

Dexter's voice is provided by Christine Cavanaugh until her early retirement and was the voice of Dexter until after a few episodes of the updated character designs. Just a few episodes after that, the voice of Dexter is played by Candi Milo which makes the updated look of the show much more noticeable.

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