Monday, May 26, 2014

Reviewing Tattletales:

This is an old article pending revision.

Excuse me but I have to Correct something... it is hosted by Bert Convy. BERT Convy with a E and not U. (and if I may add... The 1970s were awesome. TV, music, etc. lol)

now on to what I was going to say.

I don't know why this show didn't last as long as other game shows. It is a very neat game show and it reminds me of a crude TMZ show. If I was old enough to have watched TattleTales when it first aired, I would say to young "whippersnappers" that "we had TattleTales not TMZ".

Also I can imagine tuning into TattleTales every day and it was probably a very interesting thing in the 1970s. but it should have lasted a lot longer than it did. And the shorter 1980s version is not the same. I like the 1970s theme song much better. I also like the 1980s theme song, but it would be better as a theme for another game show instead of replacing the original TattleTales theme.

BERT Convy is the host for most episodes and panelist for other episodes. He is dead now so if they ever revived this show it would not have Bert Convy hosting it. If they did bring it back they should at least care about the show but I doubt that because most everything else on TV today is 110% garbage. Anyways, Bert Convy did a great job hosting and was a unique game show host because he sometimes has a ruthless sense of humor.

The set design was unique. It was an "arena" divided into four colors. The stage is green, and the audience was divided into Red, Yellow, and Blue and were "rooting" for a pair of celebrities guessing the Correct answer. Yellow was nicknamed "banana" and I am not sure if the other colors were nicknamed.

Most game shows of the 1960s were blue-ish, and they had barely evolved from a radio show...every person was sitting behind a desk, and the sets did not have any running lights. This is okay with most people, because they are thrilled that the game shows are in color. In the mid 1970s, most game shows began to transition to annoying gold, beige, brown, and green colored sets with giant globe-shaped incandescent running lights. The 1980s game show sets are much better. But when TattleTales aired, the different colors of the game show arena made it a lot better to watch, instead of the boring earth-toned colors.

The only problem I see with this game show is that the prize winners are members in the audience. Does each member in a rooting section get the amount that their team won? or is that divided equally among 1/3 of the audience?! Because if so, that does not seem like a lot of money. Bert Convy said "We're going to put an extra $100.00 USD in the pot for the winning team and their rooting section." BIG DEAL.

But it is still an enjoyable show to watch that should have aired longer and needs to be brought back. (without destroying its legacy of course)

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