Friday, May 30, 2014

Reviewing Yogi Bear And The Magical Flight Of The Spruce Goose:

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I have to write a review about this film to let everybody know that this is a very dumb film. This was made at a time when Hanna Barbera didn't make the best films and TV shows. (and they rarely did) Hanna Barbera was declining, and at the same time Filmation was succeeding. I don't believe Filmation's shutdown is a coincidence.

Also Disney was in a slump in the late 1980s with their motion pictures but they made several animated TV series. Just look at the artwork for Yogi and the Magical Flight fo the Spruce Goose. Doesn't he vaguely resemble Baloo The Bear of Tale Spin?! Baloo is a terrible character on Disney's version of The Jungle Book and all his dumb "Bear Necessities". He is much better on Tale Spin. Tale Spin by the way is a flight related seriesand I think that HB was trying to copy Tale Spin by making Yogi the star of this film. They could have made any of those other characters the star. Quick Draw McGraw is almost as dumb as Yogi. Also, Tale Spin made its own adventure about The Spruce Goose, this time in a plane called The Spruce Moose, which was a smaller plane.

HB's Spruce Goose film was much better. I mean, they drew the Spruce Goose much better. Tale Spins's interpretation was much worse. Yogi's Magical Flight Of Spruce Goose is very historically accurate, to a point.

The rest of this film is just another silly Hanna Barbera film. The Spruce Goose is hijacked by Yogi. This would NEVER happen. The plane would have been partially dismantled so that nobody would be able to start it. There certainly would not be be fuel. Oh. That's right. The plane is powered by Magic. But they did try to explain this plot hole by Yogi saying that the control room is fake and the flight is just simulated.

If The Flying Boat only flew once, and didn't get very far, it would NOT be able to travel across the world.

And even if it could, it would have run out of fuel.

and where are the police?!.
why wasn't this reported in the news?!
They must have just looked away just like when shuttlecraft are stolen on Star Trek.

The film is a lot more believable when Gargamel, I mean... Dick Dasterdly, ... I mean The Dread Baron
... appears.

This is an all right film about The Spruce Goose, but if you want to watch a HB reunion film, you should watch "Hey, There. It's Yogi Bear." or even "The Good, The Bad, and Huckleberry Hound". Yogi Bear and the magical flight of the Spruce Goose gets better after a while, but it is certainly the worst film that is about  Hanna Barbera's earliest TV stars.

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