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Cheryl Gates McFadden:

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Cheryl Gates McFadden is well known for her role as Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and she is also the series choreographer, which is how Beverly is known as "The Dancing Doctor". She has been a choreographer with Jim henson, and worked on and stared in films such as The Muuppets Take Manhatten, Labryinth, The Hunt For Red October, and The Dark Crystal.

Beverly Crusher appeared from the very beginning in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She has known Jean-Luc Picard previously, and requested an assignment on The Enterprise, but Picard wasn't sure how she'd feel since Picard had ordered her husband to his death. Picard also becomes uncomfortable around children and takes a while to have anything to do with Wesley. Wesley has saved The Enterprise numerous times, which Picard has seen numerous times and has given him bridge access, promoted him to Ensign, and recommended him at Star Fleet Academy. When people were trying to figure out what to write next about Beverly, there were numerous disagreements, and she was replaced by Katherine Pulaski (Diana Muldaur) and was seen leaving in her shuttlecraft to take a position in Star Feet Medical. She was mentioned several times, and appeared in Stock Footage at the end of the season. Katherine Pulaski's former Captain said that she liked the opportunity to serve with Jean-Luc Picard and also knew Will (and later also Thomas) Riker's father. Pulaski's old ship was possibly under extensive maintenance when arrived on The Enterprise. She didn't appear to fit in as the other characters did. Her uniform style was different, she didn't wear a lab coat like Beverly, she didn't understand Data, and her character was barely used on many of the episodes. Other episodes were usually about her. The Pulaski character didn't seem to be at all as well written as Muldaur's previous Star Trek characters. She had a special guest appearance credit in the guest star credits and appeared in 21 of the 22 episodes in the second season, which is the shortest season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Pulaski would not return afterwards, and she wasn't mentioned again about where she went next. However, her methods of memory erasing, and her chicken soup were discussed a few times. It's possible that she went back to her ship when the maintenance was finished, and she might also have had a similar position at Star Fleet Medical. Beverly had red hair, usually shoulder length. When we see her next, her hair is very long, as seen in the episode "The Enemy", but that is in a later episode number, since the first few episodes of the 3rd season her hair is the same hair style as it is in "The Enemy", only much shorter, which has been changed once again to how it usually is by the episode called "Booby Trap". Also in the 3rd season, there is a similar character to Anne Jameson, but is not played by Marsha Hunt this time. Each time an older character has appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is played by a different person. Other similar people is the scientist that hunted down a Crystalline Entity that ate her son. Another actor was played by Fionnula Flanagan, who is Data's Mother figure. There were several other differences and improvements made in the 3rd season, and the setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation had expanded tremendously. Beverly had encountered the Ansata leader named Kyril Finn who arranged the kidnapping of Beverly to get the Federation involved because The Enterprise D has given medical supplies to The Rutian Government. The Ansata also want medical supplies, and they picked Beverly because of her medical skills, which they insisted that she help to cure them of their suffering caused by their interdimmensional traveling. They used that method to travel undetected. He admired her, and possibly was in love with her, and he had sketched her in several drawings. He revealed his artistic ability when he showed her the drawing book and told her that he doesn't want her to fear him. Finn was shot by the Rutian Police, and a child appeared and was armed with a weapon. Beverly helped put an end to the violence caused by the Ansata.

Beverly fell in love with a Zalkonian prodigy when he was recovering from his injuries while Geordi and Beverly saved his life. He has suffered memory loss, and even when he had recovered, we still do not know his real name. He is able to recover from his injuries and heal others, and even bring them back to life. He saved Worf and revived The Enterprise from an encounter with Sunad, who explained that John is a negative influence to their society, and had wiped out everybody except for him. He has the ability to change into non-corporeal form, and flies away to meet new people.

Wesley left for Star Fleet Academy soon afterwards, and later drops out and discovers that he is able to see things as "The Traveler" does. He says that Wesley is a prodigy similar to musicians and is very tallented. He returns to Star Fleet academy with Robin Leffler a few years later. She created her own universe while being trapped in a static warp bubble from an engineering experiment. When the bubble collapsed, so did everything else, and it was up to her to escape from it. Beverly helped to monitor Deanna Troi while she tries to communicate with a telepathic alien spaceship to help free each other from a Tyken's rift. She was the victim of a telepathic predator from the Ullian named Jev which she relives the event when she visited her husband in the morgue. She was one of the surgeons during Worf's back surgery (life-saving in his case) and McFadden's choreography experience enabled her to have The Dancing Doctor teach Data how to dance. Beverly Crusher is a bridge officer, who is quite frequently on the bridge, and is occasionally in command of it, which inspires Deanna to take the test which promotes her to Commander as well.

McFadden has felt that Crusher wasn't around enough, and she always wanted to direct more episodes but still wasn't able to do more than she wanted to do.

She has houses in Los Angeles and France, and has appeared in commercials. If you have seen Mad About You, you probably remember the employer named Allison, who is a very energetic person.

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