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Everything That You Wanted To Know About Data:

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Data is an android on Star Trek, usually seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has positronic circuits which is extremely complicated and unstable. This was still successfully accomplished by Dr. Noonien Soong. However, very few of them are built. Even by the 24th century, a positronic android is still difficult to keep functioning. His construction and birthplace was at Omicron Theta, where Dr. Soong was planning to settle down in. He has a wife named Julianna O’Donnell. Data was not the first android to be constructed. And he had been lacking several skills for many years. This is because they weren’t properly developed yet. Data had an older sibling named Lore, who had the capability of human emotions and can easily pronounce contractions. The emotions were severely unstable and a dangerous personality had formed. The other citizens were once described as envious, or jealous. But they were more intimidated, or afraid, or just plain afraid altogether. They had petitioned him to be shut down. He was later deactivated, taken apart, and stored. Before that happened, he had successfully learned to communicate with a Crystalline Entity that is extremely large and takes the energy of anything and everything that is alive wherever it can find it. Geordi LaForge says that it can be anything, which means that it could be an unknown alien space ship that is abducting everything and leaving ruins behind, similar to The Borg space ships. (It could be possible that this thing was one of 3 cantidates for a powerful enemy towards everything else. The other two were the pink parasitic bugs which is still an unresolved story line to this very day; and The Borg themselves) However it has been established that it is some kind of life form that requires other forms of life as nutrition. These types of androids have a universal translator built in that is more advanced than standard universal translators, which would explain why Lore was able to speak to the creature so well. Eventually the Crystalline Entity had destroyed all life on the planet with the exception of Lore who had been deactivated (but most likely would have not “eaten” Lore anyways because Lore was its ally). And Data which was shut down at the time. Julianna was killed from being injured while trying to escape. An android that gave a sensor reading as a human was made that was programmed to believe it was Julianna. The new Julianna left Noonien and later remarried to Dr. Tainer. Neither of them are aware that Julianna is not a human. Another person named Raymond Marr was eaten by The Crystalline Entity. His mother, Kyla, became a scientist to study the attack sites. She later joined The Enterprise crew in a study along with Data, who looks identical to Lore, and she naturally developed a hatred towards him. But Data, who doesn’t have any memory prior to the attack on his home planet, does have basic information of all the other colonists including what they sounded like. Once he imitated him while playing on of his personal logs, Kyla became fond of Data because he knows much about Raymond even if Data does not remember him and Raymond has been dead for years. The Crystalline Entity attacks The Kallisko, which The Enterprise responds to a distress call but arrives to late. It does not sound like a Federation vessel and they contact Star Fleet to dispatch a crew and it seems like they steal the now completely empty ship. Then they track down the same Crystalline Entity and Picard thinks he can establish an energy beam to feed it and Dr. Marr unexpectedly plans to destroy it. It explodes after steps toward communication has begun. Data explains to her that she has now ended her career because she had destroyed what she was researching and that Raymond would have been very sad and disappointed.

Data has once built another android and gave it the ability to choose its anatomy, gender, and appearance. The gold colored shiney stereotypical alien-looking robot had immediately chosen to look literally like Deanna Troi. This is probably because Deanna was the first person that Lal was introduced to. Lal narrowed it down to an Andorian Female, A Human Male, A Human Female, and a Klingon Male. She picks a young woman with long short black hair that wears a dress just like Deanna does for most of the 3rd season. She develops quickly but isn’t completely skilled yet. She is not suitable for a children’s school and Data is puzzled on what to do next until Beverly advises him. Admiral Haftel says that she has to leave so that Star Fleet can research her which would also mean keeping her apart from Data. He claims that a Starship is much too dangerous for a young android that is also a breakthrough in technology and a research center would be more safe and isolated. He also hates the fact that she is working in Ten Forward even with the supervision and wisdom of Guinan and the fact that she would get to meet and learn about and interact with the crew, he perceives at “she is capable of performing over 60 trillion calculations per second, and you have her working as a cocktail waitress.” She has mastered contractions during her assignments at Ten Forward, and one time Riker walks up to and doesn’t know who she is and thinks she is a human. He later finds out after Lal kisses him that he is Data’s daughter. Admiral Haftel is incapable of seeing that Lal is simply too young to be moved. Picard and Haftel argue for a while until they hear that the stress that Admiral Haftel has caused on Lal resulted her in emotional awareness and began breaking down. Admiral Haftel now understands everything and tries to save her but it is too late. Lal was deactivated and her program was backed up into part of Data’s memory files. Lal still exists, but she has not been seen since and nothing has been done to attempt to repair her.

Data has encountered his brother Lore again who was summoned by Dr. Soong. Neither of them knew that he was still alive and Data did not have any control of his actions which are quite impressive. He uses his capability of imitating others perfectly to convince The Main Computer that he is Jean-Luc Picard. Also, Nobody is aware that Lore is still around and was rescued by Pacleds. Dr. Soong wants to meet with Data and give him an improved version of Human Emotions but it was stolen by Lore. He got it back when Lore was deactivated for sure by Data. One time Data had accidentally been interfaced with an ancient library archive database which started downloading self-aware personalities into Data which had been dead for millions of years but had still existed in a giant artifact. Masaka, one of the leaders of the civilization (or a leader of one of the civilizations) is the one that has grabbed The Enterprise and uses it to reconstruct her city. Little by little, Data, The Main Computer, and the rest of The Enterprise have personalities, information, and objects beamed over which are transformed from reordering some of the molecular structure.

Some more of Data’s capabilities includes strength and also the ability to perform tasks extremely quickly. He is an expert at arts and crafts with the ability of painting and to build building models and ceramics. Data’s quarters are quite large and he has a home office with a giant independently functioning computer system. He can listen to multiple musical compositions at the same time, and can read extremely fast.

Data once met his mother, who was married to Dr. Soong. Her name is Dr. Julianna Tainer, who remarried after she left Dr. Soong. She is another android designed to look and think like the original Julianna, but she is unaware of this.

After not being able to understand human’s sense of humor, he finally adds his emotion chip. He becomes emotionally unstable several times until he is able to control the chip and be able to turn it off and on. Data once meets B-4, who looks like Lore and Data, but is a prototype that had had some malfunctionings, but isn’t dangerous like Lore. Later Data sacrifices his life and his entire existence (he was vaporized in space) to save everybody else’s life. It is also possible that Lal’s files are also gone, unless he kept a synchronized backup of it.

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