Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reviewing Supermarket Sweep:

This is an old article pending revision.

Supermarket Sweep is a nice game show with classic banter and "you have
to know something to be able to win". At the same time, it is extremely

The setting is inspired by a common supermarket (with an exaggerated
opening, such as "This mother and daughter had a GREAT time!" ... "How
many game show hosts get to hear the words: 'I love you.' ? " ) but the
setting is very interesting. At the same time, It would mainly interest
women. Indeed, it was on "Lifetime: Television For Women". The male contestants look stoned. As fun as it would be to run through a supermarket game show, I would not want to be
filmed with an announcer commenting. (I also wouldn't want to wear a
sweatshirt while running!) At the same time, the music is repetitive
and outdated even for a game show. It is music commonly heard in the
1980s commercials but not on game shows.

The $5,000.00 USD prize is very much outdated.

Otherwise this is a great game show. It is hosted by David Ruprect,
whose character on Three's Company is Janet Wood's boyfriend/husband.

This game show is very fast paced. You will have completed watching an
episode before you know it. The game show is filled with numerous word
games that are grocery-themed. You get time added for The Big Sweep. One shopper grabs items while the other does things like build a tower of cans. In The Big Sweep, you get to do various tasks that are quite interesting. Among them are bread, coffee, candy, fruit, popcorn, jelly beans, donuts, ice cream, (or something) and... making a giant deli sandwich. These are very interesting things to do for extra points. There is also a movie section and GIANT inflatable bonus items. The rest of the time of The Big Sweep needs to be used by filling up numerous shopping baskets with lots of items (up to 5 each, and you can't knock anything over) and in real life I try NOT to make the total as large as possible! When The Big Sweep is finished, The Invisible Cashiers scan the items.

And then the team that in real life would have gone broke while
shopping, they look for three clues and try to find a plastic $5,000.00

In conclusion this is a very nice game show for anybody to watch.

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