Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reviewing The Powerpuff Girls:

This is an old article pending revision.

This show is basically cheap entertainment. Many cartoons of the 1990s became more cartooney and lower quality than ever before. And they have a lasting effect because cartoons to this day are just as low quality and disgusting.

Some of these episodes are quite mild and funny and even well written. I love episodes such as the time that Mojo JoJo kidnapped Professor Utonium (He is with me, but not by choice. I took him, and he didn't like it!) and that episode is filled with suspenseful Ron Jones-style music... the episode when Bubbles acts tougher, an episode when Bubbles acts like Mojo Jojo, and a goofy episode when Him forces The Powerpuff Girls to solve various riddles "or The Professor will pay".

On the other hand, and this is what caused me to give this show a low rating, is because certain episodes are VERY disturbing. The episode where Buttercup refuses to take a bath. (And I was thinking she is destined to be a lesbian) ...also Blossom and Bubbles were already in the same tub at the same time. I don't care if they are young sisters, this is not appropriate. And then they showed an episode where the villians arms were ripped off. And then in the same episode they showed a dog sniffing another dog's butt, and they even drew its anus.

And it took 33 years to dub Gatchaman I uncut into English. The violence in Gatchaman I is quite mild in comparison to the graphic violence in The Powerpuff Girls. And Gatchaman uncut STILL has not appeared on television in the USA! Sorry but I don't remember any amputations and butt sniffing in Gatchaman I.

As for The PowerPuff Girls the animation is very low quality. And this is NOT a groundbreaking show about female superheroes. Ever hear of Wonder Woman? And what about She-Ra? These two have well written episodes with an actual plot.

The PowerPuff Girls show? Aside from Mojo Jojo being Professor's former lab assistant and a flamboyant devil creature, this show is plotless. Most of the villians are either jealous of The PowerPuff Girls's popularity or are giant monsters pointlessly destroying a hick town which at one time had a volcano. "The City Of Townsville" could possibly be inspired from Queensland.

Also I am impressed with Mojo Jojo. He is a Japanese monkey and is the perfect comic villian.

But you really need to be careful with The Powerpuff Girls. Some episodes are all right, others are dull, and some are very disturbing. This show needs to have a different rating and it qualifies for Adult Swim.

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