Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reviewing Spliced:

This is an old article pending revision.

This is a program that you don't want to watch while eating...unless you are a cannibal. Spliced is another example of what Not to watch on television, and what not to produce on television. I became aware of the existence of Spliced last year on the 24 hour Qubo digital subchannel which aired on the middle of the night. It was pulled from the station, along with Being Ian and Class Of The Titans. One year later, these three programs returned, with Being Ian and Class of the Titans being pulled about one week later. Spliced is still on Qubo channel. It is being grouped with a programming block "Night Owl", with four Filmation programs "to bring out the kid in all of us", and Sitting Ducks. The other programs don't contain ANY adult content, or anything that needs to say "parental advisory" or "viewer discretion is advised". I think programs that have badly designed characters need to be a reason to warrant them a TV14 Rating, for example. Also, the programs with a "viewer discretion advised", and "parental discretion advised", warning messages on them. Spliced is along with the categories of CatDog, and also ...err, "The Oblongs", and I am honest enough to warn you in advance (and substitute the letters with symbols) ... "@$$y mcgee". these are badly designed characters, that would all work well in Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. none of these programs, inlcuding Spliced, belong on Qubo!! I like drawing and animating, and I look at the production quality and other things on animated series. My parenting styles would match Babar The Elephant. And I recommend most of the programs on Qubo, along with Your Baby Can Read, but I don't recommend Spliced. Many of these programs are Family-Friendly and for any age to watch and enjoy. Spiced is not one of them. I don't know why Sitting Ducks is on Night Owl...perhaps it is because the issue of ducks being eaten by the alligators. The Filmation programs are not adult-content cartoons, and they are not badly designed. Filmation programs are examples of high quality animated programs that you don't find being produced anymore. Instead, there is a very simple, badly drawn, crude humor, overuse of crude humor, over-promoting, too many commercials, to name a few of the problems with Spliced. Being Ian and Class of the Titans are both gone again. Why isn't Spliced?!

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