Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reviewing The Adventures Of Pete And Pete:

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This show is quite dull and this is what bores me. The characters are goofy looking and some are scary looking.

I liked at first the characters "Artie: The Strongest Man in the WORLD!", the principal (Adam West), and the silly fact that Mrs. Wrigley has a metal plate in her head. This is actually quite sad, but at the same time it is made hilarious by the fact it can be used as a radio antenna... and this metal plate is what caused her to meet her husband.

but like I mentioned before the characters, and the entire setting, is quite dull. We have the headache of a theme song (no I am NOT a fan of liberal arts indie rock or-whatever-it's-called) with equally mediocre soundtrack. There is a young girl character with a cast on her wrist, yet she is not injured. (but the actress probably was injured). There are very annoying stereotypical bullies: Open Face?! Pit Stain?! just to name a few of them. Little Pete is too young for tattoos and he is quite disturbing. I believe I already mentioned how dull the setting is. I am guessing this show is a 90s parody of the 50s. and so HOW is this interesting?!

Set in New York (any other setting would be illegal), but filmed in New Jersey. And it began with mini episodes and then a few years later began a three-year series. (They are much younger in the mini epiosdes) After a while, kids grow up and we don't want any Air Bud situations so that is why they cancelled it. (yes i know this series was made before Air Bud's characters grew up but still Air Bud is the perfect example) The annoying factors make it bad, and the bad makes the show look worse. It's probably why Artie left the show.

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