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Everything That You Wanted To Know About Miss Piggy:

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Miss Piggy is one of Jim Henson's Muppets. She was featured indirectly in the 1970s before finally premiering as an added character for The Muppet Show. Her few performances led her to become a success on The Muppet Show and even more successful afterwards. She has long blonde hair of varying styles and appears to be innocent but behind all of that lies a personality that is capable of grumpiness and usually attacking Kermit. Once she became more recognized, Kermit occasionally began introducing her in the openings. She has a pet dog named Foo-Foo, which everybody else is terrified of.

How she won an audition for The Muppet Show:

Miss Piggy's father was nearly out of the picture, leaving Miss Piggy's mother to care for numerous children. Miss Piggy leaves home and refuses to live a life like that. She competes in beauty contests and performances before eventually finding her way in television and joining The Muppet Show. She was a background character at the very beginning, but the outstanding performance of her first sketches ended up more being written for her.

Her Full Name:

Miss Piggy's Full name is Piggy Lee, which is a reference to Peggy Lee. The producers decided that this was not a good idea after all, and created a nickname for her. Ironically, several dubbed versions of shows she has appeared in have referred to her as Peggy. She claims "Piggy" is a shortened version of "Pigathius". She also has a stage name which is Laverne.

Popular Segments:

Pigs in Space: a science fiction themed sketch that sounds familiar to "Lost In Space".

Veterinarian's Hospital: a soap opera themed sketch that sounds familiar to "General Hospital".

Episodes she did not appear in:

She did not appear in any segments of The Muppet Show for 9 episodes, which includes an episode that featured Vincent Price, an episode featuring Twiggy, an episode featuring Peter Sellers, an episode featuring Jonathan Winters, an episode featuring Shirley Bassey, an episode featuring Marty Feldman, and an episode featuring Chris Langham.

She also appeared in "Muppets Tonight", which was another variety show that The Muppets starred in. The show only lasted 22 episodes. Popular Segments of this show was "Pigs In Space: Deep Dish Nine" which sounds like Lost In Space and also Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "EIEIO-R" which sounds like ER, and "Bay of Pigswatch" which sounds like Baywatch. This series also introduces two of Miss Piggy's relatives, Andy Pig and Randy Pig.

She has appeared in each movie that The Muppets star in as well as commercials. Interestingly, she has never appeared on Sesame Street.

Funny Sayings:

On "The Muppet Show", where many celebrity guests and fictional characters from other TV series and movies making it almost a crossover series, there was C3PO that said about her: "She doesn't look like a princess to me." Mrs Piggy Says: "Watch It, Hardware."

On a Pizza Hut Commercial featuring both Jessica Simpson and some of The Muppets, Jessica Simpson says something. Miss Piggy Says "What Do YOU Know?!" and later after they take Jessica Simpson's advice and eat an advertised pizza, Miss Piggy says "Beauty, before BRAINS."

The voice actors of Miss Piggy are Frank Oz and Eric Jacobson. The muppeteers are Fran Brill, Kevin Clash, Richard Hunt, Eric Jacobson, Jerry Nelson, and Frank Oz.

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