Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reviewing Winning Lines:

This is an old article pending revision.

I like this game show but it shows clear signs of the decline of game shows. Prime Time game shows often drive me crazy, with the exception of the prime time versions of The Price Is Right. I don't like most Prime Time game shows because they are annoying. Winning Lines contains constant music playing, the usual prime time "suspense" music. That is probably my biggest gripe about this show. The added music, because people now need the music to stay entertained. They struggle with paying attention unless they are stoned.

Something else: You can't keep a show like this on today because the amount of stupid people are increasing. And they are more than willing to do stupid things on television for a chance to win money.

This game show requires a lot of intelligence. And even more important, you have to know the answer INSTANTLY. They have an enormous set because they start out with 49 contestants. The FIRST correct response gets to go onto the next round.

There are six contestants on the next round. They have to once again, answer first. They eliminate themself if they end up guessing the wrong answer. If they get the correct answer (which is always in the form of a number, and is is always in the answer of one of the contestants assigned number) then somebody else gets eliminated, but they each get a small cash prize.

The Wonder Wall is the last segment. The segment itself is timed, and each answer is timed. And guess what: They try to win one million dollars! Of course! Many prime time game shows are just a quick competition to win one million dollars, and they are all dumb and impossible to win. The answers are not a number, but they are grouped with a number.

The last number assigned to the six contestants from the second round, and the last number assigned to the last correct answer guessed, combines in any order (excluding area code) of either their home phone or "personal cell phone", or even somebody that they know. They can call from that number to be eligible for $50,000.00 USD.

What got my attention the most was the host Dick Clark. He one of the legendary game show hosts that was (at the time) still alive. (Bill Cullen and Bert Convy died almost ten years earler) and so they picked Dick Clark. He is the host of several versions of Pyramid. I think Dick became ill before, but now reappeared for Winning Lines. Winning Lines still got cancelled.

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