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The Centurions:

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During the 1980s, there were many different animated series produced by several companies. While Rankin-Bass produced "The Thundercats", Ruby-Spears Enterprises produced a series called "The Centurions". They were both science fiction and technology themed and were about different super heroes. If you don't know who Ruby-Spears is, it is founded by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears who are the creators of many Hanna-Barbera cartoons. They can be recognized at the end of their productions with a black screen with gold and bronze combined "R" and "S" letters. The series impressively made 65 episodes in less than two years compared to many cartoons afterwards considering 13 episodes as being enough for an entire season. It was animated in Japan by Sunrise Entertainment. Sometimes the series can be parodied as a combination of "Gactchaman" meets "Captain Planet" meets "Rescue Heroes". A Centurion member has armor made of various useful devices. Their headquarters is Centrum, with an orbiting space station called Sky Vault.

The animated series is developed By: Larry Huber, Jack Kirby, and Gil Kane.

Written By: Gerry Conway, Larry DiTillio, Michael Reaves, Marc Scott Zicree

Music: Udi Harpaz. Very popular space age pop sounding genre at that time.

Bill Woodson is the Narrator.

The episodes are:
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"The Sky Is On Fire"
"Battle Beneath The Sea"
"An Alien Affiar"
"Found One Lost World"
"Sand Doom"
"Whale Song"
"Tornado Of Terror"
"Denver Is Down"
"Micro Menace"
"Attack Of The Plant Borg"
"Battle Beneath The Ice"
"Operation Starfall"
"Let The Games Begin"
"Cold Calculations"
"Return Of Captain Steele"
"Three Strikes And You're Dead"
"Double Agent"
"Child's Play"
"Terror On Ice"
"That Old Black Magic"
"Max Ray: Traitor"
"Crack The World"
"Incredible Shrinking Centurions"
"Live At Fice"
"The Mummy's Curse"
"Counterclock Crisis"
"Zombie Master"
"Broken Beams"
"The Chameleon's Sting"
"Film At Eleven"
"Hacker Must Be Destroyed"
"Showdown At Skystalk"
"The Warrior"
"Return Of Cassandra"
"Night On Terror Mountain"
"The Monsters From Below"
"The Road Devils"
"Zone Dancer"
"Traitors Three"
"You Only Love Twice"
"Sun Grazer"
"Atlantis Adventure" (2 parts)
"Ghost Warrior"
"Let The Lightning Fall"
"Cyborg Centurion"
"Day Of The Animals"
"To Dare Dominion" (2 Parts)
"Hole In The Ocean" (2 Parts)
"The Better Half" (2 Parts)
"Man Or Machine" (5 Parts)

Ace McCloud (Neil Ross) is the Air Operator and his devices are Aero-Sault, Orbital Interceptor, Sky Bolt, Sky Knight, and Strato Strike.

Max Ray (Pat Fraley) is the Sea operator and his devices are Aqua Blazer, Cruiser, Depth Charger, Fathom Fan, Sea Bat, and Tidal Blast.

Jake Rockwell (Vince Edwards) is the Land Opeartor and his devices are Awesome Auger, Detonator, Fireforce, Hornet, Land Laser, Swingshot, and Wild Weasel.

Rex Charger (Bob Ridgeley) is the energy operator and his devices are Electro Charger and Gatling Guard.

John Thunder (Michael Bell) is an Infiltration operator and his devices are Silent Arrow and Thunder Knife.

Crystal Kane is a woman with long red hair and is a scientist that is the commander of The Centurions. She is usually at Sky Vault. She also takes care of everything else and has several pets to watch. She is voiced by Diane Pershing.

Doc Terror (Ron Feinberg) is their most active enemy that is trying to destroy everything with his team of inventions. Both himself and his assistant Hacker (Ed Gilbert) are Cyb-orgs. Doc Terror has a daughter named Amber (Jennifer Darling). They are also sometimes affiliated with Cassandra and Lilith (B.J. Ward)

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