Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reviewing Hey Arnold! The Movie:

This is an old article pending revision.

After success with with several theatrical Nick movies, they decided to
push this story into a theatrical film also.

Unfortunately they did not do a good job by turning this into a movie.
The plot is boring and very silly. "[They] HAVE to SAVE the NEIGHBORHOOD."
This type of plot is very outdated, and also if we look at their
neighborhood it is very much falling apart! So why wouldn't they like
being paid to move into a better location and enjoy the convenience of
a shopping center?! This type of thing happens all the time, and I am
pretty sure that most of the people that want to do something that
involves making people move are not all evil criminals. They end up
paying each and every resident plenty of money to move. It puts too
much of a negative view towards progress. Whenever I hear about a
highway being widened, I don't oppose it. Same thing with a town being
bypassed. There are so many wrecks whenever they don't improve things such as this.

The movie is a bit different story than that although there IS an
overpass that is made through the neighborhood which has been there all
along. I am surprised that they didn't protest to THAT.

The neighborhood gets saved and the person wanting to get rid of it
turns out to be a big criminal, and the neighborhood gets declared a
historical landmark, and then restored. I know that sometimes these types of
things do happen, but I keep wanting to say, "Yeah, Right." but don't
let this movie make you not watch the series it is based on, called
"Hey Arnold"! It is a show that is extremely dark at times but other times it is a very nice show with interesting characters.

but let's face it: other nick shows got at least one motion picture:
Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys, even SpongeBob (and that movie stunk even

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