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Reviewing BraveStarr:

This is an old article pending revision.

I have to point something out. BraveStarr television series is simply called BraveStarr, NOT "BraveStarr: The Legend". This name is given to The motion picture, which would be better as a pilot episode. AND it is NOT called "BraveStarr: The Movie". I am glad that IMDB has this Correct, but Qubo and Wikipedia do not.

Also, I read that "source" which is an L.A. Times movie review from 1988. Some Critic. The person gets their facts In-Correct! The judge's name is J.B. Jay Bea. Jay BEA. Not Jay Pea. (The critic In-Correctly said that her name is "J.P.") The Prairie People obviously resemble prairie dogs, and are not simply "gopher-like aliens". Stampede is a Broncosaur, more than a "monster with bull horns". The critic called the meeting of Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty immature, as well as the name of Tex Hex. And also pretty much calling the entire setting a failure. The critic also blasts the special effects, saying that they make the animated characters look flat. The ENTIRE animation, layout, and background is EXCELLENT. If you are going to be a critic, you need to get your facts straight. If you don't believe me, watch "Scaredy Squirrel". But instead lots of critics only know about a few things about what they are writing about! And these critics are obviously biased, and perhaps are partially responsible for the decline in talent in today's "Entertainment". They simply do not like anything unique and creative. And Filmation has to deal with punishment because they aren't the marvelous Disney, which cashed in on softening (which makes "soft" actually look hard) Fairy Tales and is now spewing out live action  laugh-track children's sit-coms such as The Suite Life franchise. This ISN'T a Star Wars ripoff either! That title belongs to the well praised "Battle Of The Planets". They did not need to model it after Star Wars for it to qualify as a children's show.

I have watched this movie. It is excellent in both story and animation. It explains a lot of things that didn't make much sense in the show. But now I know how everything became what it is now. I know how Angus gets rocks falling on him while he is tied up by Tex Hex, a former mining partner. Skuzz forces his people into slavery. I thought that Starr Peak was a now-inactive volcano which fossilized Shaman's spaceship. (and I also thought that the volcano could have been created by Stampede) But instead, Shaman's ship was badly damaged (most likely by Stampede) and would not survive any more damage, and would unlikely be able to remain any more intact once entering (intentionally) the planet New Texas. The rocks melt upon entering the atmosphere and now Shaman's spaceship is now a cave. Shaman seems to be okay with this, since he calls weapons and technology, as "toys". The Prairie People, which appear to be the natives, are fast in both travel and repair. They lack general strength and at first they do not know how to speak English. (which was quickly learned) They rescue Jay BEA and award her with western clothing, The Hammer Of Justice (a gavel/weapon), and they repair her vehicle. (also the critic hates the Turbomules/stallions?! I think they would make a GREAT invention.) They repair it with Kerium, which appears to be much more powerful than Star Trek's dilithium crystals. Only ONE crystal can power a ship for a year. They give her more than one crystal, upgrading it to a "turbostallion", and probably give her an unlimited supply of free Kerium in the future to always keep her vehicle going...all of this for being the first human inside their home. Shaman creates the situation for Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty to meet, which is hilarious. You have to watch it yourself. Also, I like the scene when Bravestarr gets full control of his powers. Bravestarr and Jay BEA fall in love, and even kiss "on camera". There is even a moonlight. and we all get to see Stampede recruit Tex Hex, Fuzz, Sandstorm, Vipra, and many others.

Is this movie perfect? Not really. The only problems with it is: New Texas has a "sky of three suns". WHERE are the other two suns?! I did not notice them. The paralysis scene may be too much for smaller children. (he gets around with a scooter later, but to see him tied up like that and then injured) Also too much for children could be the kissing scene. The plot is written well enough for all ages to want to watch. At the time of release, this probably wouldn't interest adults much. But now, the children that watched this have grown up INTO adults, and now they'd like it, and most likely show it to their children. Isn't it interesting how things become more popular than they were when first released?

Also, we do not see defense contractor Commander Kane. Nor do we see Doc Clayton. They ought to have included EVERY character in the movie. Sandstorm has NO lines, and Vipra is easily defeated in every appearance.

I also have to point out that this should have been released before the series. Since it wasn't, and since Shaman said "The Evil has finally been defeated." (and it looks like exactly that had occurred) And because there was little clues that "The Evil" would return, this could be mistaken for a 2009 Star Trek film. (although Bravestarr: The Legend did not change anything)

The Bravestarr Franchise is nice. They could have made more toys, and those planned spin offs could have made it into production. I have conspiracy theories why Filmation REALLY closed down, but if I wrote that it would make this review too long.

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