Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reviewing COSBY:

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Bill Cosby obviously stars in this show, along with Phylicia Rashad (his TV wife on The Cosby Show). He is a retired security guard (similar to One Foot In The Grave) and is very bitter. Bill Cosby is a veteran actor and has the ability to ad-lib, which makes this show even more interesting to watch. This show is filled with fast paced jazz music with various city traffic scenes. Madeline Kahn is also a co-star until her death. This, along with the TV show Ladies Man led to Cosby's cancellation. Because after Pauline (Madeline's character)'s absence, they focused more on the other characters and changed the stories to where they were more serious and less funny. Cosby's time slot changed during its fourth season which made it unsuccessful in the ratings. Also, Bill Cosby ended Kids Say The Darndest Things around the same time which suggested that Bill Cosby was going to retire.

I love Madeline's humor such as her comment about Martha Stewart knitting a chair.

It is sad that this show is half as long as The Cosby Show, It is sad that "Nick At Nite" has been calling "The Cosby Show" as "Cosby", and everybody remembers The Cosby Show better. I often spell Cosby in all caps to help better attribute to the 1996 CBS series which in fact is spelled "COSBY" in the title card. This is a very good program for Bill Cosby who was producing a show "Here and Now" for Malcolm Jamal Warner immediately after the end of "The Cosby Show", and it was about a college graduate... it might as well have been about Theo Huxtable, but anyways it ended after one season. And then there was a revival of You Bet Your Life, and then The Cosby Mysteries. COSBY literally lasts longer than all three of these shows combined. It is also a great show even if it was made in the late 1990s and all of television (and everything else, especially music) began to decline then. I also think it is even better than The Cosby Show but nobody will even give COSBY equal recognition to The Cosby Show, because The Cosby Show is "historic". perhaps the word today would be "epic".

COSBY also brings in true family situation comedy. They have one daughter. Griffin Vesey (Doug E. Doug) is not their child. It does not exaggerate like many family sitcoms do, and it especially does not turn into vulgar topics. It balances the two considering that it is based off of a very dark BBC sitcom. And at the same time I like COSBY compared to One Foot In The Grave, because Bill Cosby's Hilton Lucas is a very grouchy character, but not to the point that he is scary.

Every once in a while, COSBY is rebroadcast on some random station. Try and watch it if you can find it.

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