Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reviewing Jimmy Neutron:

This is an old article pending revision.

Some people say that The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius is unique and original. How can this be? While the producers tried to make this unique, they at the same time made it into among the most stereotypical shows ever. Everything about this show is an obvious attempt to make it APPEAR to be "cool" and interesting, but instead it isn't.

Also Jimmy Neutron is not unique and original. It is a ripoff from Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter deserves this title because he does not use a last name. He also has a sister named Dee Dee. Dexter would be able to become rich and famous with his inventions, if Dee Dee would not constantly destroy his lab. Dexter has a rival named Susan "Mandark" and he has a sister too, Olga "Lalavava". Mandark has an obvious crush on Dee Dee while Dexter and Lalavava are angry career types but would make an interesting couple. Dee Dee's two friends are Lee Lee and Mee Mee ... and Dexter's parents are much cooler and much more hilarous than Hugh and Judy Neutron.

What else? There is Jimmy who I think looks much worse than Dexter. He has an oddly shaped head with an even odder hair style. It isn't "cool" at all. His Mechanical Canine Goddard is annoying and the only cool thing that he does is fly, and that is only a little cool because he flies with his EARS (as helichopper propellors) , instead of rockets blasting out of his feet.

Sheen, Carl, and Bolbi are kinda annoying (sheen being the most annoying of all) and the other stereotypical characters are Cindy, Libby, and Nick Dean.

The setting of the show is just terrible, and predictable! The 1950s?! Retroville?! Everything is 1950s-themed in this show. The fact that the show is made in CGI animation is also predictable. Add Jimmy's already oddly shaped head to CGI and he looks even more ridiculous.

The "adventurous" episodes aren't that interesting either. Many of them are just stupid with little humor or anything else happening either. One example is the terrible "Granny Baby" episode which was actually quite disturbing and filled with predicable Toilet humor.

Dee Dee destroying Dexter's Laboratory is much more fun to watch compared to Jimmy Neutron.

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