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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home:

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Might Contain Spoilers.

Here are some facts for the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Robert Hooks plays Admiral Morrow and Brock Peters plays Admiral Cartwright. Both officers are very similar as both of them are against and even interfered with the actions of Kirk. Morrow said that Kirk could not go on to The Enterprise because it isn't safe and only science ships could travel to The Genesis area. This decision is a mistake since science vessels usually are unable to fight Klingon ships. Morrow thinks that Kirk can't take The Enterprise anywhere because he feels that her time is over. He does not appear in Star Trek IV, and Cartwright does not appear in Star Trek III. They are very similar and can easily can be mistaken for each other or even as the same character and actor.

The Saratoga Helm officer is an Efrosian, and is played by Nick Ramus. Kurtwood Smith plays another Efrosian in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The U.S.S. Saratoga encounters a giant alien probe that accidentally leaves The Saratoga Stranded. It also does the same thing with a Star Base. It comes toward Earth sending lots of communications and literally tears up the Oceans causing many storms while it is looking for whatever it is trying to talk to.

The Enterprise Crew, now on a Klingon Vessel, have been visiting planet Vulcan while Spock is taking computer lessons about many things in which he is an expert on, until he gets stumped on the question "How Do You Feel?" Spock wishes to accompany the crew back to Earth, while Saavik stays behind. In one script that is not mentioned on screen, is that she could have possibly been pregnant. She is once again played by Robin Curtis. Meanwhile, Earth still doesn't know much about the probe and its intentions, and are unable to communicate with it. Spock researches and finds out that The Probe is in fact trying to contact something that lives in the water. He narrows it down to The Humpback Whale Species, which aren't around on Earth. They announce their findings and attempt time travel to go back to find some whales. They arrive in the 1980s, and meet Dr. Gillian Taylor who works at a place that keeps whales, which are going to be released to the oceans and there is nothing she can do about it. She meets some of the crew, and doesn't like Spock communicating telepathically with the whales. Bones and Scotty try to find a place that makes things to build giant aquariums, and Sulu talks to a helicopter pilot. Checkov and Uhura are sneaking into a Navy ship to try to refuel the Klingon Ship. Gillian eventually discovers who the crew members really are and wants to come with them. She jumps on Kirk as he transports back to The HMS Bounty. She discovers that Spock is a Vulcan, and everybody comes back and The Probe contacts the whales.

Kirk has to answer for the fact that he almost risked a war with The Klingons ( and Klingons that shouldn't be blowing up Federation Starships anyways) and is sent back to commanding starships. Gillian gets assigned to a science vessel, and everybody else gets assigned to a new ship, which is the U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. 1701-A, which happens to be an exact replica of the refitted Enterprise that they were on before, only slightly a little bigger and it also has even more upgrades.

The computer system that Scotty tries to speak into the mouse is an early Apple computer system.

Some of the cast of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Is William Shatner as Kirk, Leonard Nimoy As Spock, DeForest Kelley as Bones, James Doohan as Scotty, George Takei as Sulu, Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, Walter Koenig as Checkov, Majel Barrett as Commander Christine Chapel, Grace Lee Whitney As Commander Janice Rand, Robin Curtis as Saavik, Mark Lenard as Sarek, Jane Wyatt as Amanda, Catherine Hicks as Gillian, Madge Sinclair as Saratoga Captain, and Nick Ramus as Efrosian Saratoga Helm Officer.

The rest of the cast is Joseph Adamson, Vijay Amritraj, Michael Berryman, Mike Brislane, Monique DeSart, Scott DeVenney, Tony Edwards, David Ellenstein, Robert Ellenstein, Thaddeus Golas, Alex Henteloff, Richard Harder, Greg Karas, Joe Knowland, Joe Lando, Everett Lee, Jeff Lester, Judy Levitt, Stephen Liska, Jeffrey Martin, James Menges, John Miranda, Tom Mustin, 1st Sgt. Joseph Naradzay, USMC, Brock Peters, Martin Pistone, Phil Rubenstein, Bob Sarlatte , John Schuck, Raymond Singer, Eve Smith, Viola Kates Stimpson, Michael Snyder, Newell Tarrant, Kirk Thatcher, Mike Timoney , Teresa E. Victor, Jane Wiedlin, and 1st Lt. Donald W. Zautcke, USMC.

Stunt Doubles are Gregory J. Barnett and John Meier.

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