Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reviewing Real Steel:

This is an old article pending revision.

I really like this movie, despite the BORING song in the opening of it. But there are wind mills and I LOVE wind mills. and also the movie, or most of it, is set in Texas. I LOVE TEXAS!! So this was enough to capture my interest in it, but perhaps that was only part of the movie was set in Texas.

So there is some guy (Hugh Jackman) who is an immature con artist that owes people lots of money. Actually he used to be a fighter but now he has quit fighting and instead builds robots. His robots lost the fights and he is more into debt. Somebody tells him that he has a son and he is going to get custody of him. The aunt wants custody also and in fact a lot more than the father. They go to court and he sees that the aunt is very wealthy so he talks to her husband (who says that they need to spend the summer travelling and want his dad to watch him) and he gives the father some money.

He buys a giant purple robot. and lost again. They go to look for parts and then discover another robot. This robot may have an artificial intelligence.

At the end, they show the father and son together, even after the son has to go back to his aunt. (the aunt and uncle are watching the robot fight also!) Because of this kinda open ending, there could be a sequel.

So what are the problems with this film?

Bing. is being advertised in this movie. Bing tries to advertise EVERYWHERE, and even in the backgrounds of MOVIES. technically FICTIONAL sport events and yet BING is there. Hopefully in about 8 or so years from now, Bing will not exist. and people reading this, I recommend that you think and do much research when looking into buying a product &/or using a service. yes, there were other sponsors of this event, but Bing was seen the most times.

just what is so futuristic about this movie? They have a very neat freight truck with extra windshields so it is futuristic-looking. This vehicle has been modified into an RV. the computers are very futuristic with their transparent screens. and of course the robots. but what else?! pay attention to the background cars... vehicles from the 1980s!! There is nothing wrong with vehicles from the 1980s, but in that time, they would be almost 40 years old. perhaps this is a realistic version of the future. It seems that the things that change first are the gadgets getting more and more neat looking.

Disney made this movie. And disney is Blah.

This is not a new story. It is quite similar to the film "Over The Top".

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