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Jason Momoa:

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Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979. He is a Pacific Islander that was born in Hawaii. Like many athletic men of his age and build, he has been around six feet four inches in height and about 210 pounds in weight. He insists that he does not like to watch television. He was engaged to Simmone Jade Mackinnon. He is the father of one of Lisa Bonet's children. He enjoys various sports and The Arts and culture. During the 1990s, He became a model, won awards, and around the same time he has begun a television and film career.

Baywatch is a rescue drama series about a team of lifeguards that face an enormous variety of disasters. It aired on NBC at first and later in first run syndication. It has featured theme music. It was produced by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, All-American Television, FOX Network, GTG Entertainment, LBS Communications, Pearson All-American Television, Pearson Entertainment, The Baywatch Company, The Baywatch Nights Production Company, Tower 12 Production Company, and Tower 18 Production Company. During 1995, a spin off series was produced which was called "Baywatch Nights". It only ran for two seasons while half the cast is different in each season. Baywatch has since transformed itself into another series called "Baywatch: Hawaii". This also lasted for two years. The Baywatch team of lifeguards is now in California and also in Hawaii. Jason Momoa was one of those lifeguards. The name of his character is Jason Ioane. Momoa has many similarities with this character. He has been both a surfer and also a lifeguard outside of television. Jason Ioane is very young and fast that wants to find out more about himself and his family. A "Hawaiian Wedding" movie special was released in 2003. A feature film has been planned but not yet produced.

He is Kala on "Tempted", in 2003.

He plays Navarro in the 2003 film "Johnson Family Vacation" or "Family Johnson Goes On Journeys" as it is known in some countries. He co-stars wit Bow Wow and Cedric The Entertainer. It is produced by FOX.

He played the character Frankie Seau in North Shore, a series that is set in Hawaii at a place called the Grand Waimea Hotel for only 21 episodes wit a cliffhanger ending.

After the premiere of StarGate: Atlantis in 2005, he joined the cast of the show as the character of Ronon Dex. The rest of the characters discovered him after being hunted along with other methods of torture by the Wraith. They have killed the woman that he was in love with, and then they attempted to kill every other Satedan. Just like Star Trek's El-Aurians, there are very few of them left as their home world was destroyed by an enemy because they showed resistance against them, and the remaining people were scattered in other places. Ronan has a lot of anger toward the Wraith, and does not tolerate any more of them. Jason Momoa's appearance is very different than on Baywatch. He has a beard, and his hair, which has been long for several years, has thickened tremendously. This makes him suitable for a role as warriors in science fiction movies and in television. Unlike Jason Ioane, Jason Momoa has very little in common with Ronon Dex.

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