Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reviewing Teletubbies:

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I like this show's background setting. It is on a type of golf course called "TellyTubby Land" where there are a lot of bunny rabbits. It is ALWAYS sunny there, and electricity is supplied by a giant pinwheel. This also is a type of transmitter for various broadcasts of things. The Teletubbies are aliens that can pick up these signals with antennas on their heads. They have televisions on their "tubbies" and they watch the video clips. Their food is "Tubby Toast", and their beverage is "Tubby Custard". they make HUGE messes which are cleaned up by a giant robot vacuum. The Teletubbies are guided by loudspeakers which appear in various locations.

As for their personalities: both of the male characters are very strange. I can not figure out which is the stranger one: The purple homosexual-looking, or the green pervert-looking one. One of the female characters is very outgoing and the other one, the smallest, is also the most bashful. Their personalities suggests the yellow one is a dumb blonde and the red one is a nerd.

The worst parts of the show: I could never stand the sun. It is an infant! It is ALWAYS sunny there, and the sun is the face of a baby. Whatever happened to "Don't stare into the sun"?! It is cool that there is a giant vacuum cleaner, but it kinda misleads kids that it is okay to make messes. There are repetitive elements of this show: They show the video clip. and then they show it AGAIN! This is nothing but filler. Also, when it is "Time For Tubby Bye Bye" they ALWAYS show up immediately, with their "Boo!" game. The narrator says "Noooo", and they all repeat after him. which is annoying. And then they start the "Bye Bye" all again. in every episode.... which is ANNOYING. As much fun as it is to have this interesting setting, that is pretty much all it is. This program is obviously only intended to entertain infants, but they should not watch a marathon of this television show.

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