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Star Trek Motion Pictures:

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Star Trek is a science fiction series that is created by Gene Roddenberry. It began in 1964 with Robert April as the captain and Sarah April as the CMO. The next crew was commanded by Christopher Pike, played by Jeffrey Hunter; and Philip Boyce (John Hoyt) as CMO. The first officer was named Number One and was played by Majel Barrett. Leonard Nimoy as Spock is a vulcan science officer with blue colors. Another crew commanded the Enterprise after that because at the time there could not be many commanding bridge officers that were women in Star Trek until much later. The next crew is commanded by James Kirk, with Spock as the first officer while still wearing blue colors and performing both responsibilites. There were other problems with the production of the series. Mark Piper (Paul Fix) was a CMO after Boyce and before Dr. Leonard H."Bones" McCoy, Janice Rand also stopped appearing during the first season, some of the regular cast members didn't appear in several of the episodes, and more cast members were added later. The show ended after three seasons, but would return in animation with many new improvements since the animation gave many opportunites to expand the technology, landscapes, and aliens that are seen on Star Trek. This is also the first time that a bridge officer took full command of a starship in a very long time. The captain of the Saratoga is also a woman.

After the original Star Trek animated series was made, another series was made called Star Trek: Phase II. The name is related to the fact that this is the second five year mission for the starship Enterprise. This series was going to air on 1978 on a paramount network, but neither of those things happen. The pilot of the series was rewritten as a movie, and UPN didn't launch until many years later. Spock didn't appear on the series and Kirk was only going to appear for thirteen episodes at the time that it was produced. The Enterprise once again got a new design, and there were even more upgrades added in addition to the ones that were added in the original animated series. There is a new bridge, new corridors, a new sickbay, new engineering rooms, new engines, new turbolifts, and a recreation deck. This is also the first time to that The Enterprise is seen entering warp speed. The characters are Will Decker, Ilia, Xon, and several others. 13 Episodes were written, which are "In Thy Image", "Tomorrow And The Stars", "Cassandra", "The Child", "Deadlock", "Kitumba", "Practice In Waking", "Savage Syndrome", "Are Unheard Melodies Sweet?", "Devil's Due", "Lord Bobby's Obsession", "To Attain The All", "The War To End All Wars" and the pilot was twice as long as the rest of the episodes. The pilot was was reused as the next movie. Most of the cast of Star Trek: Phase II was in the movie and their characters were in their original positions, but were killed off during the mission. There is also music that plays before the opening of Star Trek I, which is possibly an opening theme for Star Trek: Phase II.

After Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, five more films with the same cast were produced, ending in cliffhangers while the following movie took place where the previous film left off.

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