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Federation Starships Named Enterprise:

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Gene Roddenberry has created many different series in Star Trek, and many of them mention a starship named Enterprise.

The next Enterprise (but not at all in the first series that was made) is set in the 22nd century when the Federation is just beginning and teleporting has just been accomplished. The starship is named Enterprise, which is the same as the series that was made.

The U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. 1701 was a constitution class federation starship. It was first commanded by Robert April, (Gene Roddenberry & James Doohan) who supervised the construction of constitution class federation starships. He later commanded it with Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) as his first officer, and George Kirk was his tactical officer. Christopher Pike commanded the Enterprise after that with Number One (Majel Barrett/M. Leigh Hudic) as his first officer and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) as his science officer. Pike got into an accident and had radiation burns and could not speak and lived in a power chair. He possibly had brain damage that prevented communication through a computer since he could only answer "Yes" and "No" through beeping blinking lights. He eventually left to live with the Talosians with another lady that had similar problems. Even when the Talosians couldn't repair the damage, they restored both of their appearance and also helped them to live a regular lifestyle since the Talosians had advanced telepathy that is able to simulate holographic projections. William Shatner as James T. Kirk took command of The Enterprise and Spock as the science officer and also second in command since Majel Barrett had to be reassigned because some people thought that there were too many bridge officers that were women. There were several other cast members added after more episodes were made. The Enterprise returned in animation where more graphics and more special effects became available. The enterprise appeared to have minor upgrades, and even more when Star Trek: Phase II & Star Trek: The Motion Picture were made. Towards the end of The Enterprise's five year mission, Kirk supervised a complete renovation of the enterprise and later monitered a flight test with a bunch of trainees. It turned into an emergency mission when Khan stole The Genesis Device and battled The Enterprise for some kind of revenge on Kirk. Sarek had insisted that Spock's body be found and returned, but after one of the other admirals interfered, Kirk and some of the senior staff of The Enterprise took their ship to find Spock. It was obviously a huge mistake for Admiral Morrow to not let any starships go into the Genesis area except for science vessels (which lack the ability and knowledge to defend themselves) because of Klingons have become upset about the development of a possible weapon. (He also made the mistake of saying that the Enterprise is 20 years old, when it was actually 40) A Klingon bird of prey destroyed a science vessel (but was instructed to only cause damage the ship and the officer that disobeyed was executed) and would have kidnapped the three survivors, including Spock, if the Enterprise hadn't completed its mission. The Enterprise self destructed while the Klingon crew boarded the ship.

Everybody else stole the Klingon ship and returned to Vulcan to heal Spock and Bones. They renamed their captured ship HMS Bounty. They once again saved the world from a probe that was attempting to find a species that they had lost contact with. After running into The Saratoga, draining power from a star base, the probe was literally digging through the water which caused destruction. They travel back in time to solve this problem, and when they return another ship is waiting for them. The USS Enterprise-A is almost very similar to the upgraded Enterprise that they lost. They went on several missions, and had made peace with The Klingons before the crew either retires or gets promoted, while the starship gets commanded by another crew.

The Enterprise B is an excelsior-class federation starship, which was very similar to The Enterprise A, because the engineers that constructed The Enterprise-A did not seem to finish with a few things, causing a few malfunctions. The Enterprise-B didn't have a few things installed, including a tractor beam, which affected the rescue of El-Aurians that had escaped from assimilation from The Borg.

The Enterprise C is an Ambassador-Class federation starship that was commanded by Captain Garrett and an alternate timeline opened up and enveloped The Enterprise C, which caused a change in timeline since the Enterprise-C was unable to rescue The Klingons from a Romulan attack, which caused The Federation to change entirely from space exploration to a war with The Klingons, making the Enterprise-D a Federation Battleship, and changed Stardates to Combat Dates. Guinan sensed all of this, and was aware of the sudden change of things. (The Enterprise D is usually brightly lit with a darker Ten Forward area, but is now very dark with an extremely bright and also loud Ten Forward area) Tasha Yar survived in this timeline, but everybody is struggling and once she figures out that she died in the other timeline, she at least wants her death to count for something, and Captain Garrett dies suddenly in a Klingon attack, and Tasha decides to come with The Enterprise C, and succeds in rescuing the Klingons. The second Tasha Yar was captured by Romulans, but later was freed and became married to a romulan and gave birth to a daughter named Sela. She says that her mother was executed in an escape attempt, which she views as betraying her husband and family, and also taking Sela with her against her will. As a result, she is a driving force with war with The Federation and an alliance with the Klingons, which were in their own civil war because of the Duras family, which Sela was allying with.

The Enterprise D is a Galaxy Class federation starship that was constructed by Sarah MacDougal, Lt. Cmdr. Argyle, Cmdr. Quinteros, and Leah Brahms. It has some new features, and has a lot of the same designs of the Enterprise-A. Galaxy Class ships can easily seperate into two halves if an emergency comes up. The reason for this is because it has over 1,000 crew members, including children. Half of it was destroyed when Soran allied with some of the Duras Klingons, and the other half crashed on a nearby planet.

The Soverign Class Enterprise E is the starship that the Enterprise D crew members lived on. Unlike the similarities with the renovated Enterprise and the Enterprise-A, The Enterprise D & The Enterprise E are very different.

There is also an Enterprise-J mentioned in a future timeline.

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