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Yoram Gross:

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Remember when Television was filled with programs that presented mini TV movies as their episodes? Some of them were animated, such as The Saturday Superstar Movie, Famous Classic Tales, and The ABC Afterschool Specials. They had episodes of mini animated TV Movies that were made by several animation studios. A lot of them once worked together. For example, many of them used to work for Leon Schlesinger. They later formed their own animation companies and produced their own cartoons. Some of these animation companies are Hanna-Barbera, Hanna Barbera Australia, API, Southern Star, Ruby-Spears, DFE Films, Sib Tower 12 Inc., Rankin-Bass, Filmation, and Gamma Productions. However, some people may not know about an animation company made by Yoram Gross, Sandra Gross, and Guy Gross that was around in 1968 and is still around today.

They also produce Australian cartoons such as Blinky Bill, Dot, and Santa's Family.

Blinky Bill:

Cartoons starring Blinky Bill are The Adventures Of Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion, Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure, Balloon Adventure,


Cartoons that star Dot are Around The World With Dot, Dot And Keeto, Dot And The Bunny, Dot And The Kangaroo,o Dt And The Koala, Dot And The Smugglers, Dot And The Whale, Dot Goes To Hollywood, Dot In Outer Space,

Santa's Family:

Santa's Family is a series of Holiday Specials which includes Candy Claus which was released in 1987. It is about Lou and his family decorating for Christmas and then look at all the presents and discuss what Santa gets for Christmas. They think that he doesn't get anything for Christmas and decide to make him presents, which are two dolls that they make. He waits outside in front of Stan and Molly, their neighbors, and they see Santa Claus's sleigh on the roof. He sneaks the two boxes onto his sleigh while Santa teleports down inside their house. While he is traveling, a flying villian named "Oh-No" appears. Santa says "Oh-No. It's Oh-No." Oh-No, who also doesn't get anything for Christmas, takes one of the dolls and names him "Hey-You". Mrs. Claus sees the two boxes and Santa barely remembers what happened the night before. They open the boxes and discover that one of them is empty (because Oh-No took Hey-You) and opens the second box and when Santa says "I Love Her", the doll comes to life and recognizes Santa and Mrs. Claus as Dad and Mum. She says "All Right. What are we gonna do." Santa & Mrs. Claus never had a daughter and Candy never had parents before. They go see the town, and find penguins, Professor Must-Know, many friendly elves, and Oh-No and Hey-You, who aren't doing too well because Hey-You doesn't have enough energy as Candy Claus because Oh-No doesn't know how to love anything and can't figure out that is the reason that Hey-You can't move very well, and makes him practice moving. Oh-No also spies on Candy and follows her everywhere and flies so fast that most other people can't see him trip her and it makes it look very clumsy which causes her to get kicked out of Santa's Workshop. She goes to Elfie, a supervisor, about a truck that she thinks she beaks, and accidentally sees the Must-Know supercomputer (designed by Professor Must-Know) when she falls and presses some of the buttons and watches a video which she first likes the first few minutes of the session such as where she gets to teach young reindeer how to fly, but doesn't like when Shad-O -a robot that supervises the factories- has to moniter everything that she does. Feeling unloved, she runs away, and gets buried in the snow. Shad-O sends out a signal to Santa's sleigh which Santa tries to find her. She also has ideas such as using her own sleigh to deliver candy canes that she makes.

Other Cartoons Are Dumb Bunnies, Epic, Fairy Tale Police Department, Flipper And Lopaka, Old Tom, Seaside Hotel, and The Magic Riddle. You will recognize a Yoram Gross cartoon when you see the style that it has. It resembles a combination of Anime and also computer generated cel animation.

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