Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reviewing McGee And Me:

This is an old article pending revision.

I was trying to find out more about the TV series "Arthur". While doing research about the various outsouced animation studios (BESIDES the ones in canada lol) I mean they used Cinar/Cookie Jar and now they are using 9 Story Entertainment. But those are all Canadian companies and they do the voice casting for the animated segments of Arthur. Much of the animation is produced in South Korea and Hong Kong. One of these studios apparently produced McGee and Me.

And then this TV show came back to haunt me. So I am now here to bash it. I hated it then, and I hate it now. This is what McGee and Me is: It is produced by Focus For The Family, Focus On The Family... something. While that is good advice, it is the name of a production company that likes to have agendas, censorship, and corruption. A similar production company, Feature Films For Families, censored Lolo The Penguin. I don't care why they felt the need; Lolo is NOT an adult cartoon. I guess because "only the rest of the world is violent", if it enters U.S.A. it will be censored. Lolo's story and music was altered also, and it was like FFFF took the credit for somebody else's work.

I don't like these Christian production companies. I don't care if you think I am evil for saying this. I have every right to say what I want. Personally I am not religious and I believe that Religion = Corruption, and that many devil people are attending church to try to disguise themselves as angels. If "all is forgiven", then the past is erased. I don't believe that trick. Furthermore I don't believe in halfway houses and I am an advocate for sending such people to life in prison.

What about the rest of this show? It was made in the stupid 1990s. Just look at the logo design. They had a lot of "funky" shapes and colors back then. Look at the entire production design. Look at the music. Also the title "McGee and Me" is annoying.

This is a mixed media show. It has animation and live action. The animated character is this extremely stupid looking and I don't like it when these preachy &/or educational shows try to act cool. Also McGee reminds me of that "Max-A-Roni" commercial. McGee (I am guessing is the name of the drawing, and I don't care if it isn't) is pretty much an imaginary character... either way he is not from our universe. This approach reminds me very much of Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue. That was some joint (LOL) project... I mean, that was some joint-project from Buzzco, Southern Star, Buena Vista, McDonalds, and The U.S.A. Government. ...give or take. but I think I remembered the producers correctly. And Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue was animated, and still had other animated shows as fictional characters. In other words they weren't in the same universe as Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue. But they "magically" come to life to talk to some "high" kid and so the entire thing is unrealistic. If Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue made more episodes, perhaps they would have covered more drug addictions besides "pot".

McGee and Me is a little different. It is a dozen episodes in slightly improved production quality and isn't as headache-and-vomit-inducing as Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue. It is STILL similar because it was made in the 1990s, by a corrupt company, and was extremely preachy.

Also McGee and Mee wouldn't make much sense today. Kids will do what they want, and many of them are doing the opposite of what is recommended by these preachy episodes.

and Baseball is dumb. it is equally corrupt.

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