Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jeri Ryan:

This is an old article pending revision.

Many people know about Jeri Ryan. She has appeared in several programs, and several of them have been science fiction. She was born in 1968 in Munich, Germany. She graduated from high school in 1986 in Paducah, Kentucky. She attended college in Northwestern University. She also became Miss Illinois in 1989, and is the 3rd Runner up for Miss America in 1990. She also graduated college that year. Jeri Ryan's first appearance was in Who's The Boss? and started guest starring in other shows like Melrose Place, Matlock, and The Sentinel. She played Juliet Stewart on Dark Skies, which ended a year later.

Her birth name is Jeri Lynn Zimmerman, and that last name, along with Herman Zimmerman, for the EMH MkI holographic life form which was created by a holographic expert named Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, which was a name given to the Voyager EMH, and a variety of names based on Zimmerman was used for him. The Zimmerman name was occasionally used for his name during the captions and subtitles, but he was referred to as "The Doctor" through the entire series. Jeri Ryan herself later starred in the same series. She appeared in the Scorpion episodes, which involves the borg. The Borg assimilate other species and technology, making them immune and able to defend themselves toward people resisting assimilation. The assimilation involves extensive cybernetic implants. Scorpion is about the Borg having a deadly enemy that they call Species 8472. They are a non-humanoid species that live in another dimention called fluidic space that attacked the Borg when they tried to assimilate them. While The Borg and The Federation worked together to fight against Species 8472, a Borg drone that was Annika Hansen with the designation of Seven Of Nine Tertiary Adjunct Of Unimatrix Zero One was freed from the collective, and her appearance was restored and it took some time for her to recover. She is very efficient, and desires perfection. She is in charge of the Astrometrics Lab, and something that she does the most is she wakes the captain in the middle of the night. She later raises several children that were part of the collective. Most of the time she wore shiny catsuits and her hair was up. She had a few visible borg implants. There was one above her left eye, one on her hand, and and an implant on her neck. Her role and character on Star Trek: Voyager were very well performed, and some people don't like the character and her catsuits, while others felt it would give the show better reviews. Seven has appeared on several TV Guide magazines, and nearly all of the cast photos, and also Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

Ryan later became a cast member of Boston Public as Ronnie Cooke. She was on the show from 2001-2004. After the series ended, she opened a restaurant. Her husband Jack Ryan had probems together, which caused a divorce and for him to withdraw from a senate campaign. Several of her shows that she starred were about courtrooms, justice, lawyers, and other similar things. Other films and TV shows that she starred in were Boston Legal, Dilbert, Down With Love, Sudbury, The Commuters, The Jackie Thomas Show, The Rosie Odonell Show, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and Two And A Half Men. She also starred as Jessica Devlin on Shark along with James Woods.

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