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Mel Blanc:

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Mel Blanc is nicknamed as The Man With 1,000 Voices. He is one of the most popular and was the most active of voice actors. He was born on May 30, 1908, and started around the very first few years of of the beginning of Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies originally produced by Leon Schlesinger. He continued with voice acting until his death in 1989. He has inspired numerous voice actors that are still working today. Here is some information on the most popular characters that he voiced:

Who He Is:

Porky Pig:

Mel Blanc later assumed the role of Porky Pig.

Woody Woodpecker:

For a very short time he was the voice for Woody Woodpecker. This role was later filled by Grace Stafford afterwards. These older cartoons were later revived into a television series featuring the older cartoons along with new ones.

Barney Rubble:

Mel Blanc occasionally voiced Barney Rubble, and then regularly afterwards for the rest of the original run of The Flintstones, and spin-offs, follow up series, and specials and movies for several more years.

Bugs Bunny:

Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny ever since his introduction in 1940. The voice of Bugs became deeper over the decades. Mel Blanc also voiced several other Rabbits that were not Bugs Bunny.

Daffy Duck:

Daffy Duck was intoduced in 1937 as a silly and hyperactive duck. He eventually was accompanied by Bugs Bunny sometimes to outsmart the hunters, and sometimes they turned on each other to make sure the other guy would get hunted, such as constantly switching the signs "Rabbit Season" and "Duck Season" He would later be a hunter himself, chasing after Speedy Gonzales and his friends. And he is also the character of Duck Dodgers and is enemies of Marvin The Martian. In some episodes he is married, and in some episodes he is able to fly, although his wings clearly have evolved into regular arms.


Sylvester is the common house pet of Granny, who also has a yellow canary named Tweety. She also has a dog named Hector!! These three are known to be chasing each other. During the 1960s and occasionally afterwards, Sylvester joins Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales in many cartoons. Sylvester and Daffy have similar speaking methods, and have both used "Thuffering Thuccotath!!" lisps, but later was mostly used by Sylvester. Occasionally, Sylvester is Porky Pig's cat, being terrorized by creepy mice, which appear to want to kill cats and their masters.

Tweety Bird:

Mel Blanc amazingly performs the voice of Tweety Bird.


He voiced several automobiles, such as Speed Buggy and Chug-A-Boom.

Yosemite Sam: He is the voice of the red-haired (and red mustache) highstrung and ill tempered character.

Cosmo Spacely: Cosmo Spacely is the stressed out boss of George Jetson. He is a competitor for Cogswell Cogs (or Cogswell Cosmic Cogs) and appears to have a more difficult time compared to Henry Cogswell. His company is named Spaceley Sprockets (or Spaceley Space Sprokets). His wife, Starla Meltdown Spacely, is much larger than he is. His secretary is Miz Galaxy and the employee that he fires over and over again for at least 20 years is of course George Jetson. He normally works 3 hours a day, 3 days per week, and has a very simple job, unless there are computer glitches or whenever Spaceley asks him to do specific tasks. One time he called for a Taxi driver, (which was George) and then George doesn't want him to know that he has breached his contract agreement, so he drives off in the other direction. Spaceley does not know that it is George, and asks Starla "Was it something that I said??" and then she replies "Knowing you, Probably!!"

Captain Caveman:

From Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels, He used his Cosmo Spacely voice for Captain Caveman. At the same time Astro made appearances in "Astro and the Space Mutts". Captain Caveman also starred in a TV series which was watched by Fred & Barney when they were younger. Daws Butler is the voice for Captain Caveman's son, which sounds similar to Elroy Jetson.


Beginning in the 1960s during the Chuck Jones productions of Tom & Jerry. He performed the vocal effects for Tom. Tom spoke in small words, such as "Aha!!", and "OW!!" along with sneezing, yelling, shouting, snoring, yawning, hiccup-ing, coughing, crying, gasping, burping, laughing, sighing, and grumbling. He also sang, but Mel Blanc did not do this for Tom. June Foray did the regular vocal effects for Jerry, which included giggling and maniacal laughter (with the exception of "Is There A Doctor In The Mouse??", where the large version of Jerry has maniacal laughter which is performed by Mel Blanc).


Mel Blanc provided the vocal effects for Taz. He is a very popular character that only appeared in a few cartoons.


From "A Cricket In Times Square", and similar specials, he used his Bugs Bunny voice for a mouse named Tucker. Tucker also had the same colors as Bugs.

Marvin The Martian:

He voiced Marvin The Martian and all of his associates.

Ralph Wolf:

This wolf is after sheep because it is his occupation.

Wile E. Coyote:

Wile E. Coyote is a rival for Bugs Bunny, which both speak in such cartoons. In later cartoons, Bugs Bunny fills in for Road Runner. This time only he Bugs Bunny is speaking with Wile E. Coyote only vocalizing and holding up signs. He starts speaking to the viewing audience in "Road Runner A-Go-Go" which is one of 3 cartoons that are recycled from the unsold pilot "Adventures Of The Roadrunner". Milt Franklyn is credited for composing music, along with that spelling of his name, even though he passed away years earlier during mid-production of "The Jet Cage".


A very confused skunk that is in love with at cat that finds herself around white paint. She looks more like a skunk, (or at least to him she does). A character on a Chuck Jones Tom & Jerry cartoon has an identical voice type that matches Pepe-Le-Pew.

Who He Isn't:


This innocent little mouse is not voiced by Mel Blanc, but by Margaret Hill-Talbot. Sniffles is known for being innocent, and even "cute", and most certainly naive, since the cartoons he appears in are anything but cute.


Despite what many people believe in which is based on the fact that most cartoons prior to the 1960s credited hardly anybody, Mel Blanc did NOT regularly perform the voice of Elmer Fudd, or any other similar characters such as McGee and Egghead. Instead, those voices are of Arhur Q. Bryan and Hal Smith. He has been always credited as doing the voice as Elmer, but did not do any work as Elmer until 1972, when theatrical cartoons became dormant in favor of television cartoons. There was only a few theatrical cartoons starring Elmer that Mel Blanc improvised the voice of until 1989. This is because Mel Blanc was the only person ever credited in the older cartoons. From the 1960s-present, the cartoons were produced independently by the former supervising animators. Several of presently working voice actors have been doing the voice of Elmer Fudd.

Road Runner:

He also did not perform the vocal effects such as Meep-Meeps and the unique raspberry blowing of The Road Runner. Instead, those were performed by Paul Julian and Nancy Wible. The Raspberries were made possible by drumming and using open bottles & jars.

Singing Tom:

Mel Blanc did not perform a baritone voice for Tom whenever he sang. This was accomplished by Terence Monck. The Falsetto singing tone voice for Jerry was not performed by June Foray either, but was performed by Dale McKennon.


Mel Blanc did not perform the voice of Granny. This was provided by Bea Benaderet and June Foray.

Witch Hazel:

He also was not the voice for Witch Hazel.

Some Of The Characters Mel Blanc Provided Voices:
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 Both Bugs Bunny And Daffy Duck.
 Barney Rubble.
 Cosmo Spaceley.
 Speed Buggy.
 Captain Caveman.

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