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Marsha Hunt:

This is an old article pending revision.

Marcia Virginina Hunt (but spelled and pronounced as Marsha) was born on October 17, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois and is an actor and singer that has starred in many films and TV shows.

In The 1930s she starred in movies such as Annapolis Salute, Born To The West, College Holiday, Come On, Leathernecks!, Desert Gold, Easy Living, Easy to Take, Gentle Julia, Hollywood Boulevard, Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President, Star Reporter, The Hardys Ride High, These Glamour Girls, The Accusing Finger, The Arizona Raiders, The Long Shot, The Virginia Judge, and Thunder Trail.

In The 1940s she starred in, A Letter for Evie, Blossoms in the Dust, Bride by Mistake, Carnegie Hall, Cheers for Miss Bishop, Cry 'Havoc', Ellery Queen, Master Detective, Flight Command, I'll Wait for You, Irene, Jigsaw, Joe Smith, American, Kid Glove Killer, Lost Angel, Mary Ryan, Detective, Music for Millions, None Shall Escape, Panama Hattie, Pilot #5, Raw Deal, Seven Sweethearts, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman, Take One False Step, The Affairs of Martha, The Human Comedy, The Inside Story, The Penalty, The Trial of Mary Dugan, The Valley of Decision, Unholy Partners, and Women in Hiding.

At the same time, something happened to Marsha that was very similar to what happened to Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplain was blacklisted through the HUAC (House Of Un-American Activities Commission), and she was blacklisted through Red Channels along with several other actors. This happened to her because of her association with several petitions and with the Committee For The First Ammendment, which supports freedom of advocacy, democracy, opinion, and speech.

Several years later, she returned, but starred in more TV shows than in movies. The movies that she starred in the 1950s were Actor's and Sin, Back From The Dead, Blue Denim, Bombers B-52, Diplomatic Passport, Legend Of The Lost, No Place To Hide, and The Happy Time. She starred in The Plunderers in 1960, Johnny Got His Gun in 1971, and recently she starred as Elizabeth Lyons in Chloe's Prayer.

She starred in TV shows in 1949 Such as Quality Street, The Philco Televison Playhouse, Twelfth Night, The Storm (episode of Studio One) , She Loves Me Not (episode of The Ford Theatre Hour) and in The Silver Theater, she starred in the episode called. Silent As The Grave.

During the 1950s, she starred in Cosmopolitan Theatre, Danger, Laramie, Panic!, Your Show Of Shows, Tea Time (episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents) , and in The Ford Television Theatre, she starred in Double Bet. She starred in The 20th Century Fox Hour in Man Of The Law, and In Climax Mystery Theater, she starred in A Taste For Crime, and Time Of The Hanging. She starred in Circle Of Fire in Laramie, and also starred as Jennifer Peck in Peck's Bad Girl.

She starred in even more shows in the 1960s, which includes The Twilight Zone of the early 1960s, several episodes of The Detectives, several episodes of Zane Grey Theater, and also Accidental Family, The Defenders, Fear No Evil, Run For Your Life, The Name Of The Game, The Outsider, and several other TV Series.

In the 1970s she starred in TV Shows such as several episodes of Ironside, Jigsaw, Medical Story, Several Episodes of Police Story, The Young Lawyers, and Marcus Welby M.D..

In the 1980s, Hunt starred in TV shows such as Shadow Chasers, Terror Among Us, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, and starred as Anne Jameson in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Anne Jameson appears to be a very suitable character for Marsha's talents. This is the last thing for Marsha Hunt to appear in before starring in Chloe's Prayer.

Some of the movies had alternate titles that were used in other countries. Annapolis Salute was called Salute To Romance in UK, Blue Denim was called Blue Jeans in UK, Bombers B-52 was called No Sleep Till Dawn in UK, Joe Smith, American was called Highway To Freedom in UK, and Legend Of The Lost was called Timbucktu in Italy.

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