Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reviewing Over The Hedge:

This is an old article pending revision.

The plot of this film is terrible. In the plot it is wrong to take away the homes and food of the animals. This would be a very nice plot if it was a horror film. Instead, it is a horror to watch this film. As for horror films, it reminds me of "The Birds" for example and that film is much better. But this is not a horror film. Instead, it is one of those cheaply made CGI films with "cute" (actually quite scary) faced animals. Sometimes they look like live action animals, but with really scary faces. The characters have VERY predictable behaviors and personalities. It reminds me too much of Ice Age and Hoodwinked.

So let's see: Once Upon A Time there is a bear that realized that it was time to hibernate. Once he woke up, he walks inside a newly built factory and accidentally becomes a factory worker. He won't work (because he doesn't really work there) and nobody believes him. Instead of firing him, they go out of their way to force him to do his job.

Oh... wait a minute. That is from "The Bear That Wasn't" by Frank Tashlin and Chuck Jones.

This time it is a raccoon, who has read/watched "The Bear That Wasn't" and has decided to steal plot elements from yet another story. He organizes an angry mob of animals and they decide to attack all the humans and eat all their food. And there are "cute" incidents such as a squirrel squirting cheese-in-a-can out of his nose. GROSS.

I decide where I want to live. If any animals attack me, I will simply "humanely" trap them and then after that I might be tempted to eat them.

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