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Star Trek: The Next Generation:

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Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation is another Star Trek series that aired decades after the original live action series, and also after the original animated series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and most of the other original Star Trek films. The first episode aired in 1987, with a new galaxy class starship Enterprise 1701-D, which had several new designs and an incomplete crew. The First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and several other members, including a chief engineer, which wasn't established in the pilot episode. The next episode involved Main Engineering, and there was a chief engineer named Sarah Macdougal, played by Brooke Bundy. She had only appeared for that episode. The next time that an episode that involved engineering, there was a different cast member named Lt. Cmdr Argyle, played by Biff Yeager. Will Riker said that the efficiency tests on the engines had to be supervised by one of the Chief Engineers. He also helped assemble Lore, and he was mentioned in several other episodes, until another chief engineer named Logan was working and had several arguements with Geordi who was in command of the Enterprise. Geordi gave him command of half of the ship so he could escort the crew to safety while Geordi (Levar Burton) had to battle with flying robot weapons. Mr. Logan didn't appear in any other episodes after that since he took half of the ship to a starbase. The explanation given for the multiple engineers and the fact that an engineer didn't appear in the regular cast was that the enterprise had a team of supervising chief engineers until later, when Geordi became the chief engineer. However, this moved the gap to the helm control, which was filled by Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton), who left for Star Fleet Academy. After that, Ensign Ro Larren (Michelle Forbes) became the navigator, but several other crew members with the rank of Ensign, such as Ensign Raegar, Ensign Gates, Ensign Lynne, and a few that aren't named. Furthermore, The science officer, and relief helm officer are never mentioned, but still appear on the bridge.

Some Other Civilizations:

The Klingons:

The Klingons have had problems with The Federation because of improper first contact, but now work together very well. A Klingon was raised by Humans and works with The Federation and has lived on The Enterprise.

The Q:

When they go to Farpoint, they meet a representative from The Q Continuum, who studies the mortals, and finds out that humans have a very shady history of doing things such as killing each other in wars. He wants to extinguish all of them because of this, unless the crew of The Enterprise can show him that they have changed. They continue to meet him along the way and discover that they are not the only group of people that think he is a nuisance, since he often causes problems and does things that the rest of The Q doesn't agree with. All of The Q call themselves "Q".

The Ferengi:

The Ferengi are merchants that steal an energy converter, and were not their true selves during first contact. They also recover the U.S.S. Stargazer, a constellation class starship that Picard took command of, and used a technique with the warp drive to confuse an enemy ship, which turned out to belong to The Ferengi. The father of the DaiMon (captain) of the ship that was destroyed by Picard gives him The Stargazer so that he could defeat Picard in a battle. He has an illegal mind control device, and got in trouble for a mission that was very unprofitable. Another Ferengi wants to use Betazoid telephathic abilities in competitive trade negotiations.

The T'Kon Empire is very powerful civilization that trap The Enterprise and The Ferengi on one of their planets, and give them several challenges. They are dormant because of one of their stars going supernova, and one of the guardians on one of their outpost planets did not even know that this had happened and how much time that had passed. They are very similar to the Ikonian Empire.

The Ikonian Empire are very similar to the T'Kkon Empire and are equally powerful. It is obvious that they were attacked but some of them have escaped by using their incredible technology. Nobody from The Federation has met any people from The Ikonian Empire.

The Traveler: The Traveler is an alien from Tau Alpha C who has a difficult name to pronounce.

The Romulans:

These very close relatives of The Vulcans have grown apart and live on Romulus and Remus. There are problems with The Borg assimilating outposts along the Neutral Zone. They agree to work together to try to figure things out since they don't know much about The Borg. They cause some problems with The Federation later on.

The Borg: The Borg are species that assimilate other civilizations. They kidnap them, and insert many implants both inside and outside their victims, robbing their individuality, and forcing them to serve The Borg Collective and assimilate others. They have the ability to evolve and adapt whenever it is necessary, making it very difficult for people to defend themselves against them. They have a Queen that is made of a severed head with mechanical skull and spinal column, that can combine with a mechanical body. They help in communicating with other people and also Borg members, and have to step in to make sure that assimilation and "perfection" is accomplished whenever it might become difficult. The Borg can also assimilate species through viruses. They have little enemies that pose a threat to them. The Borg are believed to have assimilated V'Ger, they caused the near destruction of The El-Aurians in System J-25, and also destroyed and assimilated the outposts on The Neutral Zone. They are later introduced to Captain Picard by Q, where 18 Enterprise-D crew members and part of The Enterprise got assimilated. The rest of the ship and crew barely escaped. Captain Picard got assimilated after the assimilating assimilation of the New Providence Colony and had an individual character named Locutus Of Borg, who communicated with and supervised the assimilation of Sector 001: The Terran/Sol System.

The Bajorans: They live on the planet Bajor and were victims of The Cardassians.

The Cardassians: The Cardassians tried to overthrow The Bajoran Civilization.

The rest of the crew positions are filled throughout the series, such as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who is French and lost his heart at an early age. He ordered Jack Crusher to his death, which caused slight friction between himself and Beverly and Wesley. He didn't like Wesley at all at first, but realized that his intelligence and capabilities helped him to save The Enterprise, which Picard later recommended that he attends Star Fleet. Picard overcomes his distrust of children and also gets to know Wesley a lot more. Picard also commands The Stargazer before he took command of the newly designed Galazy Class Enterprise D. He is highly educated and loves archaeology. Beverly (played by Cheryl Gates McFadden) is a chief medical officer on The Enterprise. She leaves to become a head of Star Fleet Medical, but returns later, (during this absence you see her shuttle craft, she is mentioned frequently, and appears in stock footage. Diana Muldaur, who has previously starred as scientists in Star Trek, comes for 21 episodes as Katherine Pulaski. She leaves to work at Star Fleet. ) Beverly has the authority to relieve The ship's captain of duty whenever it might be needed. She sometimes disobeys orders, and the two argue about this a lot. Picard says "I should have beamed you up." Beverly says "You wouldn't dare" "Oh, yes I would, and should" "Without my permission?!" "You don't follow orders!" "If you'd give reasonable orders, I'd obey!" Some of the medical staff that Beverly works with is a vulcan named Dr. Selar (Suzie Plakson) , and several nurses, inluding Alyssa Ogawa (Patti Yasutake) . Wesley and Beverly both have encountered The Traveler (Eric Menyuk) whose actual name is difficult to pronounce. He recognizes their intelligence, and says that Wesley is a prodigy, who comes with him, but Wesley is later seen as a graduate of Star Fleet Academy, another Star Fleet commission, and married to Robin Lefler (Ashley Judd) . Deanna Troi is a telepathic Bethazoid (with a human father) and her mother (Majel Barrett) appears on the ship each year. She is an ambassador to her planet, and has a valet named Mr. Homn (Carel Struycken) . Deanna also has the authority to relieve people of duty. William Thomas "Will" Riker (Jonathan Frakes) served on the Pegasus, The Potemkin, The Hood, and now on The Enterprise. He has an identical duplicate of himself named William Thomas "Thomas" Riker. Riker was split into two people by a transporter accident and Thomas was stranded and wasn't discovered until later. He grows a beard and becomes very seasoned, and is pushed to get his own command. One of the new first officers, Commander Shelby (Elizabeth Dennehy) is much younger than he is, and also became a captain of her own ship before he did. Natasha Yar (Denise Crosby) and Ishara Yar (Beth Toussaint) were sisters that were raised on the falling apart planet Turkana IV. Yar left to join Star Fleet, and became the chief security officer. She was killed by the slimey Armus, but several alternates of herself appeared. Ishara helped to recover missing crew members, but also took advantage of the opportunity to sabotage the other half of the planet that her side was at war with. Worf, Son Of Mogh, (Michael Dorn) and grandson of Colonel Worf (also by Michael Dorn) was raised by Kahlest (Thelma Lee) and Sergey Rozhenko (Theodore Bikel) and Helena Rozhenko (Georgia Brown) and has brothers named Kurn, Son Of Mogh, (and grandson of Colonel Worf) who was played by Tony Todd, and Nikolai Rozhenko (Paul Sorvino), and has a son named Alexander Rozhenko, whose mother is K'Ehleyr (again by Suzie Plakson) and has Klingon father and Human mother. She is also an ambassador, but was killed by Duras. Duras was killed by Worf. The Duras family constantly ruins Worf's family's reputation. Data is an android that is made by Doctors Noonian Soong (Brent Spiner), and Julianna O'Donnel Soong Tainer (Fionnula Flanagan) . They lived on a planet constructing androids (most of them also played by Brent Spiner) and each of them had imperfections. Data is one that appears to function the best, but their colony is destroyed by what is believed to be an life form that consumes anything that is alive. Juliana dies in the disaster, and Dr. Soong reconstructs her as an android, who functions as close to a human as possible. He is friends with Geordi. Mr. Reginald Barclay (Dwight Schultz) is a diagnostic engineer that specializes in holograms. He has even become addicted to holodeck programs. Chief Miles Edward O'Brien (Colm Meaney) is a pilot, security officer, and later a transporter chief. Keiko O'Brien (Rosalind Chao) is a plant biologist and teacher. They have two children. Whoopi Goldberg plays Guinan, an El-Aurian whose home was lost in a disaster with The Borg. She also knows Q. She is very empathic, and even sense an alternate Timeline. She gives advice to Captain Picard, Riker, and Beverly, and everybody else. She is a bartender. Picard, Keiko, Guinan, and Ro, were all transformed into children, and plants were turned into seedlings. The actors for them are David Tristan Birkin, Megan Parlen, Caroline Junko King, and Isis J. Jones.

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