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Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn:

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Might Contains Spoilers.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn is the next Star Trek movie that was after the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Several changes were made. There were more people added. Saavik, a Vulcan, was portrayed by Kirstie Alley. Checkov is now on another vessel, the U.S.S. Reliant, under the command of Captain Terrell. Also, Commander Kyle is the communications officer, who was once an engineer and technitian on The Enterprise that appeared on the original live action series and the original animated series. The federation scientists are developing a new project called the Genesis Device, which is some kind of torpedo that instantly speeds up terraforming. Since it has the ability to alter whatever is on a planet, whether or not it is already habitable, it can be misused as a weapon. The Reliant is searching for a test site, and discover that Ceti Alpha VI is actually Ceti Alpha V, which now appears to be uninhabited. They are actually on the wrong planet, since Ceti Alpha VI somehow exploded and obliterated almost everything on Ceti Alpha V. Ceti Alpha V is the planet that Khan and the other members of The Superior Intellect are sent there in their ship by James Kirk. Since their survival has been more difficult, Captain Terrell and Checkov are now hostages and have parasites injected them through their ears and sneak into their cerebral cortex. The rest of the crew of The Reliant are marooned on Ceti Alpha V. Khan is alarmed that Kirk is now an Admiral, and The renegades take over The Reliant and because of their situation on the planet and genetic engineering of the characters and the physical appearances of the actors (particularly Ricardo Moltoban) their costumes were rags and uniforms that weren't fastened together. Khan had darker hair in the episode "Space Seed" and now has white hair in the movie. Admiral Kirk is a supervisor for cadets at Star Fleet Academy and comes to The Enterprise to monitor the trainees. Spock Insisted that Admiral Kirk takes command when Khan comes to destroy Kirk. They have a battle and the Reliant leaves to attack Regula I, the science lab that Carol Marcus develops the Genesis Device. Even when he has the device, he still wants extreme revenge on Kirk, even if that means risking his own crew ( which he also blames on Kirk ) and wants to either kill him or leave him "buried alive" on Regula.

Several things happened in this movie. We also get to see the new phasers both on The Enterprise and Reliant, and also on the hand weapons. There is a wider variety of communicators available, and The Kobayashi Maru test is introduced, which is an unbeatable test to attempt to rescue a stranded freighter. Klingons attacking the lost ship in Romulan space puts The Enterprise simulation in a difficult position and gets blasted by the Klingons. Saavik does not believe the test was fair. Kirk changed the test himself and gets rewarded for original thinking. Spock takes the test in real life where he risks himself to save everybody else. The first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, is based on a shelved Star Trek: Phase II. The next movie is very similar regarding this since it is based on a script called Star Trek II: The War Of The Generations. He finds Carol Marcus and discovers that David Marcus is his son, but in this story, he is abducted and sentenced to death. Khan later appears and David and Jim work together to stop him and David becomes a crew member of The Enterprise. There are several different things that happened in the revised script, such as that David didn't become a member on The Enterprise (but he did travel on it) and Spock risking his life to save everybody else wasn't added until later. Harve Bennett and Nicholas Meyer are now working on the films. Nicholas Meyer added several characters. Jack B. Sowards also added even more to the script by adding Spock's death and an experiment called Project Omega on Gamma Regula IV. Michael Minor updated the story with Project Genesis on Regula I, and also more detail explaining that the device itself was not a weapon, but could still be very destructive since it is very sensitive. The torpedo room was added in this movie.

It has William Shatner as Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, DeForest Kelley as Bones, James Doohan as Scotty, George Takei as Sulu, Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, Walter Koenig as Checkov, John Winston as Commander Kyle, Kirstie Alley as Saavik, Paul Winfield as Captain Terrell, Bibi Besch as Dr. Carol Marcus, Merritt Butrick as Dr. David Marcus, Ike Eisenmann as Midshipman Peter Preston, John Vargas as Jedda, Paul Kent as Commander Beach, Russell Takaki as Madison, Kevin Rodney Sullivan as March, Judson Earney Scott as Joachim Weiss, and Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonien Singh. Other stars are Laura Banks, Steve Bond, Brett Baxter Clark, Tim Culbertson, John Gibson, James Horner, Dennis Landry, Cristian Letelier, Roger Menache, Deney Terrio, Nicholas Guest, Joel Marstan, Teresa E. Victor, Dianne Harper, David Ruprecht, and Marcy Vosburgh.

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