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Patricia Routledge:

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Patricia Routeledge was born on February 17, 1929 and is an actor in Theatre, Movies, and Television, and was an OBE in 1993 became a CBE in 2004. She is famous for her starring roles in Keeping Up Appearances and Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.

Keeping Up Appearances is a BBC Situation Comedy that premiered in 1990, which was about Hyacinth Bucket, which she pronounces it "Bou-Quet" (Boo-Kay) and is married to Richard (played by Clive Swift) and has a son named Sheriden. Sheriden is old enough to live on his own and he never appears on the show, but frequently calls to ask for money. They live next to Elizabeth, and her brother Emmett. Elizabeth is often invited for coffee, and is tremendously nervous and often spills something. Hyacinth gets a phone call from one of her relatives and then announces the name of whoever is on the phone (her "slimline telephone with auto redial") to Elizabeth. Some of her relatives are Violet who "has a mercedes, sauna, and room for a pony" (and also a very unstable marriage with her husband Bruce who likes to wear Violet's clothes) and Daisy and Rose. Hyacinth often rushes her out the door when something comes up, and Elizabeth hasn't finished the coffee and is stuck with either an entire bag of coffee or one of the cups. When she returns it, Hyacinth thinks Elizabeth is giving her presents. Elizabeth's brother Emmett lives with Elizabeth and is terrified by Hyacinth and the possibility of her singing at him. She sings very loudly. She also scares off the delivery people that deliver mail and newspapers. Hyacinth's other two sisters live in the same house with with their father, who causes problems and steals cars. Onslow is Daisy's husband, and drives very old cars and turns on the TV by smacking it. Their dog lives in one of the old cars. Rose has many relationships with men and Daisy has a very similar personality, who has a collection of romance novels that she reads to keep her mind off of Onslow, who is very lazy and not very romantic. Hyacinth likes to have parties and celebrations and tries to impress everybody she knows to make it look like she is upper class, when she actually isn't, and she accidentally annoys many people who are afraid of what she will do next, and people run away and hide from her while she chases after them. She also likes to buy property in the middle of nowhere and has Richard drive her places and tells her to watch for things that are nowhere near the road, such as trees in the middle of fields. It is written by Roy Clarke and produced by Harold Snoad. Hyacinth has been mentioned as one of the 100 Greatest TV Characters.

Patricia Routledge is also the star of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. It is partially based on Missing Persons, and is very similar to Murder, She Wrote.

She has starred in several shows that air TV Movies, similar to The ABC Afterschool Special, The Saturday Superstar Movie, and Famous Classic Tales. These shows are Play Of The Month, Armchair Theatre, Play For Today, BBC2 Play Of The Week,

Some of the other films and TV shows she has starred in are In Search Of The Bront√ęs, Anybody's Nightmare, Miss Pym's Day Out, Missing Persons, Tales Of The Unexpected, Talking Heads, Talking Heads 2, Crown Court, Funny Women, Toast Of The Town, First And Last, Objects Of Affection, David Copperfield, Doctor At Large, Egghead's Robot, Doris And Doreen, Sense And Sensibility, and Breakfast.

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