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Mysterious Clips On Sesame Street:

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Sesame Street is a series that began in 1969 by the former CTW. It teaches children letters and numbers, and also other things like colors and shapes. Some of the main characters are from Jim Henson, who created The Muppet Show, and other series and films. Other CTW programs are The Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, and Square One Television. The Sesame Street end credits are somewhat longer than usual because they are mixed with the people that star on that show and they are dancing in an animated background. When the credits end, Big Bird says that Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop, until the name is changed, in which Big Bird's saying is edited out completely. There are several clips and music videos that are shown on shows like Sesame Street. They have several purposes, and some of them are mainly for entertainment, byt some of them are educational, and many of them you may not know the names of. If you want to know more about them and couldn't find the details in the credits, here is some more information about some of them.

Pinball Number Count - Immagination, Inc. produced 11 original segments with music by The Pointer Sisters from #s2-12. They didn't make an original segment for one, and sometimes other people have mixed together all of the segments involving all of the numbers. The music supervision was arranged by Walt Kraemer, and Ed Bogas. It was directed by Jeff Hale and Vince Collins. It begins and ends the same way, with somebody starting the pinball machine, and having the same background in the closing. Every time that The Pointer Sisters sang "One-Two-Three Four Five Six-Seven-Eight Nine Ten, Eleven, Twelve". The segment themes are "A Day At The Carnival", "Circus Capers", "Fore", "Arabian Nights", "Down On The Farm", "World Tour", "Forest Follies", "Play Ball", "Medieval Times", "Wild Things", "Sightseeing USA". The music is very similar to the space age pop music that was also composed by music people such as Dean Elliott, Doug Goodwin, and Carl Brandt.

Numbers In The Park - These are live action segments of numbers that appear and disappear in the park. They seem to be rising out of the ground. If you remember a segment about numbers in a park, and are wondering what they are called, the segments are literally called Numbers In The Park.

Animal Department Store - This music video series starts at the top floor of a department store building. As the elevator makes its way to the ground floor, more animals and their families come inside.

Suzie Kabloozie - Mo Willems, who created Sheep In The Big City, also created the characters in these segments. He also made other clips.

The Word Is No - Sung By Maria & Gina, in an 80s style music video.

Crayons - A segment of moving crayons that colors pictures stop suddenly when a differently shaped crayon approaches, but later work together. The next segment is a little girl drawing pictures with crayons pauses and holds one of them up while creative music plays when the rest of the segment describes crayons being made in a factory. They are melted, colored, cut up, wrapped, sorted, boxed, and cased, and then the girl sees the crayon and puts the crayon into the box labeled "different", meaning that the particular box has multiple crayons with different colors.

The Monster In The Mirror - Grover wakes up and describes what is seen in his mirrors and other reflections. Part of this video has several celebrities singing with him.

Noodles & Nedd - These animated segments are created by John R. Dilworth.

Sing After Me - One time Madeline Kahn and Grover sang together in a song called "Sing After Me" where she would reach and be able to hold very high notes, while Grover struggles to keep up.

Pixar Lamps - Pixar has animated several movies with Disney, but has also made several animated shorts that are shown on Sesame Street.

Arnold - The famous "football head" appears in a Craig Bartlett short.

Cecille The singing ball appears in many segments that are supervised by Teresa Drilling.

There were several letter and number segments. Some of the most memorable ones are the alphabet in fireworks, and some tropical themed number segments.

You can also find many of these segments online.
Pinball Number Count
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Numbers In The Park:
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Animal Department Store:
The Word Is No:

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