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E.G. Daily:

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Have you heard of Mel Blanc? Even if you haven't heard any of his performances, he is well known as a very tallented voice actor. Others, such as June Foray, Jeff Bergman, Nancy Wible, Paul Julian, are just to name a few more. Either these indivduals have deceased or retired, and who is still around that has recieved inspiration from them? Elizabeth Daily is one of them. She is usually credited as E.G. Daily.

She is frequently the voice of younger male characters in animation. One example is as Tommy Pickles. Tommy is one of the youngest of the Rugrats, or "The Sprouts" as Mr. Finster calls them, and "The Minis" as Taffy calls them. It is one of the earlier productions by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo. It was also co-created by Paul Germain, with music usually composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Mothersbaugh. In 1998, a motion picture was made. It is obviously called "Rugrats: The Movie", where Tommy is adjusting to a little brother, nicknamed "Dill Pickles". This is because Tommy sees Dill as an infant the way that the adult characters see the majority of them as very young children that are not able to speak yet. Two years later, everybody travels to Paris, where Mr. Finster meets Kira Wantanabe, a divorced parent of a young child named Kimi. Chuckie's father and Kira's mother eventually get married to each other, while their dogs have puppies which Chuckie is allergic to. A few years later, another film is made called "The Rugrats Go Wild", where everybody crashes onto the island where The Thornberrys happen to be studying and filming. We get to be able to understand Spike through Eliza's translations, resulting in Spike getting in many lines. Tara Strong also is a voice actor for The Rugrats series, which is common that both E.G. Daily and Tara Strong are both voice actors for the same animated series.

Later on, a follow up series of The Rugrats was released. It began as a special called "All Growed Up" and then a series was produced called "All Grown Up!" They are not grown up, but are around 10 years older. The voice of Tommy Pickles is still E.G. Daily, who is able to make Tommy sound older for the new series. Since the characters are not the same ages, Tommy is not in the same grade level as Dil, Chuckie, Angelica, Suzie, and Harold. There is a few years gap in between each group. Dil is of course older in this follow up series, and is of regular speaking age, who has never spoken before previously because he was only about three months old. The rest of the adult characters are there, still operating the Java Lava internet cafe.

Furthermore, she uses this similar older sounding voice for Rudy Tabootie, on a series called ChalkZone. ChalkZone is created and written by two very active animators, (Bill Burnett & Larry Huber) and is directed by a team of very active directors (Larry Leichliter & Jaime Diaz). The series produced 40 episodes and is about an alternate universe made of living chalk drawings that come to the universe when erased either from a sidewalk or chalkboard by White Lightning brand of chalk. This of course includes monsters, so many of the episodes are filled with Drama and Suspense. ChalkZone's series is similar to "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings", but 28 years after that series premiered, The idea of a show made of chalk drawings is unlikely due to a shift in technology.

You will also be able to recognize the same type of voice that she uses in The Powerpuff Girls. She is the voice of Buttercup, the black hair colored and green-monster eye colored powerpuff girl that talks in a very tough voice. Bubbles is usually pleasant and joyful, but is sometimes gets angry with comic results, similar to Sesame Street's Prairie Dawn character. Blossom is more serious, and Buttecup can appear to be the meanest. She is not the voice of Buttercup in the Japanese version of The Powerpuff girls, as the three main characters resemble the three main "Totally Spies" characters.

She is also the voice of Bamm Bamm in the 1994 Motion Picture live action adaptation of "The Flintstones". Ironically she is a voice actor in a live action film, but she is also presently the regular voice of Bamm Bamm in animation. Bamm Bamm, of course, along with Pebbles, whenever they are seen grown up have their own animated series and line of cereals at the same time that the original adult characters do. Another fact is that Elizabeth Daily also worked on the same movie that is starring Elizabeth Perkins and Elizabeth Taylor, two other people with the name of Elizabeth.

E.G. Daily also does voice actiong for "Recess" which is set in an elementary school with various groups in the playground. She is the voices of The Diggers. This series ran from 1997 to 2001.

She is also several voices of characters in "Curious George". Other animated series that she has worked on are "The Trumpet Of The Swan", "The Land Before Time", "Baby Blues", "Hey Arnold!", and "Lilo & Stitch". She is also the voice of "Babe", a live action movie starring the main character which is a pig. She is also a voice actor for the opening of "Two and a Half Men".

Additionally, she is the voice of popular characters in video game adaptions. Some examples are "Alvin And The Chipmunks", "The Incredibles", "Speed Racer", "The Rugrats", and "The Powerpuff Girls". She is once again Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls, and Tommy in The Rugrats.

She starred in the live action motion picture "Valley Girl" as Loryn along with Nicholas Cage, Deborah Foreman, and Michael Bowen. She also appears in ""CHiPs"", "Laverne & Shirley", "Friends", "Mustang Sally", "Bad Dreams", "Dutch", "Fame", "Game Over", "Streets Of Fire", "Duckman", "White Air", "The Righteous Apples", "One Dark Night", and "National Lampoon's Pledge This!"

Her full name is Elizabeth Ann Guttman. She was born September 11, 1961. In 1996 and two years after that, she had two daughters whose names are Hunter and Tyson.

E.G. Daily has used her voice for singing as well as actiing. She writes some songs and performs many, which she began in 1985. She is a singing voice for Beary Bearington in "The Country Bears". She has performed soundtracks for many of the motion pictures that she has worked on.

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