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Halle Berry:

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Halle Berry was born on August 14, 1966 as Maria Halle Berry. Her parents are both experts in the medical field. She was married to David Justice and Eric Benet, and Gabriel Aubry is the father of her first child. She was born on March 16, 2008 and her name is Nahla Ariela. She was 41 years old when she had her first child. Halle Berry has a condition which is what many people know of as Type I Diabetes. She appears in many Revlon commercials. She won Miss Teen All American 1985, Miss Ohio 1986, first runner up for Miss U.S.A. 1986, Miss U.S.A. and Miss World 1986 winner. During the 1980s she has had guest star roles and in the 1990s she starred in well acted motion pictures.

Halle Berry's Hairstyle has become different many times. During the 1990s, her hair remained very short, along with many other hair styles of that time. Around 2003, she began growing it out and wearing it in various styles. She is seen in various lengths, colors, and worn up and down. Her hair has been straight, curly, and wavy. Before the birth of her daughter, her hair style was modified into very thick curly hair. Her hair is altered in some of the movies that she appears in. In "Catwoman", as Patience Phillips, her hair is long and very wavy, and becoming Catwoman, her hair color is brighter and her hair is shorter and straightened. Even more apparent is her role in "X-Men", where her hair is very silver.


In 2003, Halle Berry starred along with Penelope Cruz in a film called Gothika. It is about Dr. Miranda Grey, who works at a mental institution suffering from amnesia and finds herself now a patient. She physically murdered her husband because she was attacked by a Ghost. Her former patient, Chloe Sava, both escape. Chloe was raped by a man with a tatoo and the two of them find out what happened to the ghost. The ghost was killed by Miranda's husband with the assistance of the man that raped Chloe. This movie was released about a month after Halloween.


In 2004, Halle Berry starred as Patience Phillips in the movie "Catwoman", which is based on the comic book character. Much of the film can be confusing to some people that can get lost into the film, as a result of the plot having a partially empty feeling. The one hundred million dollar budget experienced around an $18.000.00 in losses. The movie release to theatres is terribly unsuccessful, because it is loosely based on the comic book character. Instead, this story follows a very misunderstood super hero. The original Catwoman character is Selina Kyle, not Patience Phillips. This takes place in the batman-themed universe which rely on stealth and technology instead of mutations for super powers. The Catwoman character in this film is capable of using superpowers. Another issue was the heavily altered uniform that the Catwoman character wore, which resembles very little of a catsuit. The motion picture displays numerous special effects in almost each scene. This Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures motion picture has also recieved many awards describing it to be one of the worst films to have ever been made. The motion picture has recieved four Golden Raspberry Awards with the categories of Worst Director, Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay. Halle Berry became heavily dissatisfied with the result of the film, who had reciefed a rather embarassing movie award herself, the category of Worst Actress. She did also recieve a nomination by the Kid's Choice Awards for favorite movie actress, and movie rentals and purchases were much more successful than the release to theatres.

X Men:

Halle Berry co-starred in three X-Men movies along with Shawn Ashmore, Bruce Davidson, James Marsden, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin, Raymond Park, Rebecca Romijn, Patrick Stewart, and Tyler Mane. The first film was made in 2000, with a following movie commonly being called "X2" and also called "X-Men: X-Men United" which was released in 2003, and the last film of the Trilogy called "X-Men: The Last Stand" was released in 2006. There are additional movies being planned and released, a fourth one released in 2009 which does not include Halle Berry. She is planning on once again starring in X-Men movies once again as her character, nicknamed Storm. Each of the three motion pictures costed more than the previous film to produce, but at the same time each film enjoyed a much larger amount of financial success.


In 2005, she starred in a CGI "3-D" animated film called "Robots" as a character named "Cappy". Another star in this motion picture is Amanda Bynes.

Things We Lost In The Fire:

Halle Berry performs well in this serious-toned movie and has a stressed appearance to match the tone of the film. This is a film that is about Audrey Burke (whose first name sounds similar to the last name of the father of Halle Berry's daugher) and her husband Brian Burke and their children Harper Burke and Dory Burke. Two close friends are Jerry Sunborne and his brother who is Neal Sunborne. The other stars in this film are David Duchovny, Alexis Llewellyn, Micah Berry (not sure if they are related), Benico del Toro, and Omar Benson Miller. Before Halle Berry's character realizes what has happened, Brian has been killed do defend somebody in an assault attempt. Now Audrey has to tell Brian's friend Jerry, who is severely addicted to drugs. Things get even more complicated when Audrey tries her best to help Jerry recover and be cured of his drug addiction, and wants him to stay in her house. He is able to help the children solve problems that neither of the parents were able to accomplish, while his drug addiction is ever ongoing.

A few months before her birth of her daughter, she has appeared on interviewing talk show hosts David Letterman, and then Jay Leno. During her appearance with Jay Leno, she presented altered pictures of herself that she used on Apple's Photo Booth software. One of the pictures remarkably looks like Jay Leno's caricature both in the facial expression and the warped elongated chin. This was a popular celebrity news topic.

Halle Berry has been nominated for several awards and has won numerous awards. This includes Primetime Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, along with several nominations for "Gothica" along with winning an award from The Teen's Choice Awards.

She has recently appeared in numerous episodes of Entertainment Tonight. She is also becoming a television and film producer. Some examples are Lackawanna Blues, Class Act, Tulia, and Frankie And Alice. Other films she has appeared in are Perfect Stranger, Nappily Ever After, and also Class Act, Tulia, and Frankie And Alice.

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