Saturday, April 12, 2014

Star Trek I: The Motion Picture:

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Star Trek I: The Motion Picture has been written from the pilot episode of Star Trek: Phase II. We now see the reconstructed U.S.S. Enterprise and the crew members are in new uniforms. Kirk is now an Admiral that supervises cadet training missions. Spock is on Vulcan. Dr. McCoy is retired. Christine Chapel is now the chief medical officer. Several other crew members have been promoted, and some have died in a transporter malfunction where Scotty had demanded Star Fleet to not send them through the transporter. It was too late, and two of the officers, including a science officer (the other person was possibly the new first officer), had both degraded. Janice Rand was the transporter officer that became very stressed about operating the transporter after she saw the accident, and was comforted by Admiral Kirk when he said that it wasn't her fault and that there was nothing she could have done. The Enterprise is sent on an emergency mission about the unknown destruction of Klingon battle cruisers and Epsilon IX. Kirk is given temporary command after seeing the enormous destructions, and also solves the problem with the now empty positions. He moves Decker (from Star Trek: Phase II), who was going to be in command of The Enterprise after supervising the refit, to the first officer position, and also temporarily assigned to a science position, until Spock arrives in his Vulcan Warp Shuttle. Bones returns and does not like working side by side with another doctor that might argue with his diagnosis. The Enterprise crew begins their mission to intercept the giant alien(s) that caused the destruction. Kirk does not know how to fly the Enterprise with its new designs, and creates a wormhole. An asteroid is in the middle of the wormhole, which he tries to destroy with phasers. Decker explains that the phasers won't work and insists on firing a torpedo with the newer and bigger torpedo bays. This both destroys the asteroid and destabilizes the engines, and brings them to the cloud. The cloud attempts to fire on The Enterprise, (which is once again announced by the computer, which has a male voice that is electronic and synthesied, and and is almost similar to the various Speech Recognition voices. ) and then scans The Enterprise, which takes Ilia. She is replaced by Chief Defalco. The Enterprise is taken inside the cloud, and inside a very giant space ship. Most of this is a very long display of numerous special effects, which had never been available before. A duplicate of Ilia reappears and recognizes the inhabitants of The Enterprise as "carbon units" and also identifies the thing that they are in as "V'Ger". Spock escapes and attempts to explore the rest of the giant thing. He travels inside a simulation of every place that V'Ger has been. He also sees another probe, which is a giant Ilia. He tries to mind meld with her, but that doesn't work. The crew of The Enterprise are taken into another giant chamber with an ampitheater setting a and a Class M environment to meet V'Ger. The Enterprise lands and the crew find V'Ger to be an old earth probe of Voyager VI with some of the letters burned, and had been modified (and possibly assimilated) by a bunch of machines on a distant planet that send V'Ger to find out where it had came from. Decker volunteers to help V'Ger, and the life form is able to evolve. There are several different ways that V'Ger transforms depending on when the motion picture was relased. V'Ger has been the largest thing that has been encountered by The Federation, and also the most mysterious since the entire thing has not been seen and drawn out.

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