Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reviewing Bob The Builder:

This is an old article pending revision.

I do not like this television program that is made for (corrupting) the young minds. The theme music is headache-inducing, the Bob The Builder character is a stereotype of construction workers (actually too friendly personality but on the outside he looks like a stereotype) and no construction equipment does NOT talk in real life. If they were alive, what if one of them became emotionally unstable and angry at each other, and then disaster could occur similar to a Tom & Jerry construction site. This why construction equipment is best kept not a living thing.

Also I do not understand why a program, in the SAME language but with different accents, is dubbed into the SAME language?! Are we trying to keep America's children a bunch of bigots, Nick Jr.?! And yes I am aware of Thomas having two simultaneous English language narrators but at least that show has a better plot with lack of stereotypical characters (unless you count Sir Toppam Hatt, but he is less offensive than Bob The Builder!) ...and at least Thomas educates people about the variety of trains. Both Dubs are widely available. Bob The Builder is just too offensive and can't even come close to competing with Thomas The Tank Engine.

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