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SpongeBob SquarePants:

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SpongeBob SquarePants:

SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Staphen Hillenburg, who is an animator for Mother Goose & Grimm, and also an animation director for Rocko's Modern Life. Stephen Hillenburg created his own series afterwards and some of the staff from SpongeBob SquarePants and Rocko's Modern Life worked on another series called Camp Lazlo. Its setting is underwater, but many impossible things are able to happen underwater. Almost nothing swims around, and so they fall downward if they trip over a cliff. Many of the episodes of SpongeBob end in a cliffhanger. SpongeBob goes to Boating School, and has taken the test millions of times, but hasn't been able to succeed. He works at The Krusty Krab, which has a talent show called The Komedy Krab, and serves The Krabby Patty. They have a lagoon that they swim in, which is actually mud. SpongeBob is a show that is partially animated with a few live action segments and sometimes live action mixed with animation.

Some Of The Characters:


SpongeBob is a yellow sponge that is shaped like a yellow cleaning sponge. He doesn't have a head, but his face and brain is on his body. He once said "Excuse me sir. You are sitting on my body, which is also my face." He lives in a pineapple which is quite large on the inside. He lost it once from a bunch of very thirsty nematodes but it left behind a seed that SpongeBob planted. He thought it was a pebble that he left there because he was too sad to hold onto it, but it grew into a pineapple plant which grew a giant pineapple that also had furniture in it.

Mr. Squarepants:

SpongeBob's father that is not shaped like a cleaning sponge.

Mrs. Squarepants:

SpongeBob's mother and she is not shaped like a cleaning sponge.

Patrick Star:

Patrick also lives in another crazy house. It is a giant rock, and below it is a bunch of sand, which is usually either a chair & TV, or a bedroom. He is pink and has removable spots, and is very absent minded. He occasionally works, and some of the places that he works at have been The Krusty Krab (thinking it was the military) and The Chum Bucket.


A Star that is married to Marty that doesn't even realize at first that Patrick is not her son.


A Star that is married to Janet that doesn't even realize at first that Patrick is not his son.

Squidward Tentacles:

Squidward lives in a house between SpongeBob and Patrick, and is an artist and musician whose talent is unrecognized. He is a cashier at The Krusty Krab, and also founded The Komedy Krab, which was originally a talent show of his that ended up in a disaster. He is also SpongeBob's boss, and teaches art classes. People don't show up because they want to take cooking classes. He has a big nose, and is very cranky.

Sheldon J. Plankton:

"Plankton" is a scientist that has a science lab accross from The Krusty Krab. He has a small restaurant called The Chum Bucket that doesn't usually get any customers because he spends most of his time trying to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula and plotting to rule the world.

Karen Plankton:

Karen is Plankton's wife, and also a W.I.F.E, and is his science lab's computer system which is also capable of moving around to other places. She is capable of zapping Plankton whenever he mistreats her.

Eugene H. Krabs:

He founded the Krusty Krab and worked together with Plankton when they were making burgers, but split when they had disagreements. Each of them has a side to the story, but Karen was able to straighten the facts because she recorded the entire event. Mr. Krabs cares very much about money.

Mama Krabs:

Mama Krabs is Mr. Krabs's Mother. Plankton left Karen to date her, but she fell in love with his robot instead, and didn't like how he demanded the Krabby Patty Formula. She is very strict sometimes, and says if people talk like sailors, then they will work like sailors. She sent Mr. Krabs to his room when he unknowingly broke into her house during a panty raid.

Old Man Jenkins:

Old Man Jenkins is the name for several different elderly fish. He has been blue, green, orange, and purple.

Pearl Krabs:

Pearl is Mr. Krabs's daughter, but she is a whale. She is lively, free-spirited, and emotional. She is often embarrassed by her father's cheap-ness and un-coral-ness.


He is a lifeguard that is on the beach of Goo Lagoon. He didn't like SpongeBob's over-used Ripped Pants jokes and was also attacked when a mob of people didn't like SpongeBob's Bubble Buddy.


He laughs a lot.

Mrs. Puff:

Mrs. Puff started a boating school who will teach a student as long as they are willing to learn. SpongeBob is willing to learn, but doesn't succeed, which drives her crazy, and gives her a lot of stress. She has a dark side, and has been imprisoned a lot because of SpongeBob. She prefers prison because she thinks that she won't have to teach SpongeBob, but he arrives anyways to try to help get her out.

A. Realistic Fish-Head: He is a live action announcer fish that updates people on the news.

Narrator: He has a french accent.

Pirate Painting: He opens the show, and also can't tie shoes because he is a live action painting of a head.

Sandy Cheeks:

She is a scientist that lives in underwater biospheres and performs research. SpongeBob went on to have tea on a date with her at her place, which doesn't have water in the air. She is from Texas.

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