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Genndy Tartakovsky:

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Genndy Tartakovsky is a cartoonist that was born in January 1970. He is a fan of The Justice League Of America characters and was introduced to television entertainment when he was in high school. He ended up taking an animation class from an advertising school and embarked on a career in animation with Robert Renzetti. Both of them had worked for Cartoon Network for various cartoons, including 2 Stupid Dogs. Craig McCracken also worked on that show and recommended Genndy Tartakovsky and Rob Renzetti. Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken both worked on the shows Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls.

He is the creator and producer of Dexter's Laboratory. He also created several mini series called Dial M For Monkey, The Justice Friends, Action Hank, Koos-A-La-Goop-A-Goop, and The Puppet Pals Show.

Dexter's Laboratory:

Born as a Genius, Dexter secretly creates a secret laboratory that is highly technologically advanced with computers, robots, spaceships, time machines, and many other things. He is in his laboratory most of the time, and his older sister Dee Dee sneaks in and destroys everything. Their parents do not know about his lab because he erases any incident of discovery of his lab from their memory. His rival is Susan, or "Mandark" who also has a sister.

Dial M For Monkey:

Dexter's pet monkey that lives in his laboratory is actually a crime fighting super hero.

The Justice Friends:

Major Glory, Valhallen, The Infraggable Krunk, White Tiger, Sam-R-I, Living Bullet, Phan Tone, Ratman, Tiki Torch, Miss Spell, Capital G, and Monkey & Agent Honey Q. work together to save the world, They are also in comical situations.

Action Hank:

A TV Series based on Dexter's Favorite Celebrity.

The Puppet Pals Show:

The puppets on this show tell each other jokes with the punch line as "Bonk" and they bonk each other on their heads.


A creature that is only seen by a few people. It also appears that nobody from his universe can see anybody else either.

Genndy Tartatovsky has been nominated and won several awards. Other cartoons that he produced were Samuari Jack, Star Wars Clone Wars, and is now the president of The Orphanage, which is an animation studio that is made of people that worked with LucasFilm. They are rivals of Pixar Animation Studios, a company that makes clips and films for educational shows and studios such as Buena Vista's Walt Disney Productions. He also plans on making an animated Samurai Jack movie.

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